Hello, good morning clash royale enthusiast! Yesterday was a memorable day for all of us due to new cards launched. They called Hunter and Zappies. I already wrote an article that specifically talk about Hunter, how to play it, and sharing my experience playing with hunter in the challenge. In today’s article, we are gonna be taking a look at New Clash Royale Card Zappies.


Zappies consists of 3 zap machines that can deliver the zap effect just like Electro Wizard. However, the damage and HP are low. In yesterday’s challenge, I played Zappies as defender primarily and I was rather shock with it.

It’s not the damage or HP, but the way Zappies cooperated with other card in defending. I would say that this one is a decent support for both attacking and defending.

Never send Zappies nakedly or alone because you won’t get significant tower damage. But if you deploy Zappies to join in the countering, you’ll see how astonishing Zappies is. Three zap machines behind any counter troop will stun the tower and surrounded enemy. Letting the dealer bigger chance to deliver damage on the tower.


Similar to Electro wizard

Not only that, zappies is even better in defending. If you send the machines to join the defense line up, you could give extra defense. It’s like you have one Electro Wizard with more zap channel. If electro only has 2 zap channels from his hand, Zappies could channel out 3 zap streams to surrounded enemy. However, the damage won’t be as high as electro wizard. Here, we only utilize its effect to support other troops.

In defending, you can send solo zappies to counter one incoming troops. Solo zappies in defending against one incoming troops will win the fight. It is because the zap effect will stun the enemy. Meanwhile, each zap stream deal certain amount of damage. We have three machines here, and so if you face to face with one melee or ranger, zappies would win the fight

Zappies with rage

Yesterday, I got an opportunity to play zappies together with lumberjack. I had golem and hog rider too as the primary counter. It turns out that zappies with rage effect equals to powerful. If you enclose zappies and lumberjack or rage spell in one deck, you will see how incredible zappies is. This machine could make the enemy motionless and stunned. 3 Zap channels with rage will freeze the enemy and since the damage is not significant, we better always join it with another card.


I will show you my deck where I first time played zappies.

Deck matchups


Average elixir cost : 4.0

Play This Deck

As you can see that I played zappies together with golem and hog rider. I would say that this is golem deck because I played golem so often in countering.

Actually, I could match the golem and zappies in countering. But I didn’t. I primarily played zappies as primary defender. And go countering with golem and hog rider only. Of course, I send princess and musketeer to support the countering.

I was given a chance to have mirror card and lumberjack. And I played with it excitedly. I defended with lumberjack and zappies. This combo is solid and could freeze enemy till die. In defending, I also send princess to support other defenders. So, deploy the lumberjack after you have princess. After the lumberjack dies, send the zappies. At this moment, zappies and princess will be under rage effect.

You can send musketeer instead of princess if you don’t have princess ready on the list. Just make sure that you have one more troop beside zappies in defending.

Also, I picked mirror. The reason why I prefer mirror because I wanted to experience zappies more. Combining mirror with zappies will be great too. You’ll have timeless and solid defense with zappies. After the enemy kills your zappies, send the mirrored zappies.


Speaking of massive counter, I think zappies is a good card to do such job. Place the machines on safe spot behind the damage receiver. The damage receiver in this deck is lumberjack.

Zappies counters ground troops only

Another thing you should know about zappies is that this card couldn’t reach the air. Sadly, it only deals ground damage. However, we can still use it to interrupt enemy’s supports during air counter. Yesterday, I played against balloon deck. The balloon was followed by support and there was executioner underneath balloon.

To counter that balloon attack, I deploy musketeer first and archers specifically to shut the balloon. Afterwards, I deployed zappies to counter the support underneath balloon. Here’s the unique thing. Zappies can also be a stopper card that we can use to hold the supports while our dealer deals with the balloon.

Delivering its zap effect can hold the executioner for a while. And after the musketeer and archers finish the balloon, they will continue to shut the executioner.



Alright, what do you think about zappies? I personally prefer hunter rather than zappies. But that doesn’t mean zappies is a bad card. Zappies is good support with very unique zap ability. Welcome to the arena Zappies. Let me know your experience with zappies and should I miss any important thing, don’t hesitate to leave you comment in discussion section down below.

See you in another useful guide article, it was nice to play with zappies and share it to you fellow Clashers.

Have fun!