Zappies the walking zap!


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What we’re gonna talk right now? Yep, you are in the Kingdom’s file again right now and it’s the new card time! The card name has been mentioned above, look up.

For you guys who haven’t known much about the Kingdom’s file, The Kingdom’s file is the place where we will discuss a particular card where we will give our opinion and tips n tricks on the card and you guys also can add yours.

Zappies Intro

Like what you have known, Zappies is one of the newest cards that just released by Supercell. It is a troop that operating like a walking building.


zappies clash royale-intro

It has this coil that later will spit electricity. It has wheels that help the card to move around the arena. Basically, they are a walking zap since they will create the stun to the enemy’s troops around.

Zappies are not alone, there are three of them once you deploy them on a battle. They are categorized as a rare troop where you can find them as soon as you reach the new arena, Arena 11 (Electro Valley). You will need to spend 4 elixirs to use them in a battle.

The Walking Zap

Yes, they are the walking zap since they operate like zap but they can move around in the arena. That is the main ability of the new card. Imagine you can summon the zap to the enemies constantly using three of them.

Zappies will be great to use a defending card. Their ability to electrify the enemies make them good to stun the marching on enemy’s troops and preventing them to reach your tower.


Constantly zapping

Like Zap, they are a very effective troop to counter all the cheap cards like Skeletons or Goblins as the electro will clear them all right away.

As they are spitting the electro constantly, then to reset Sparky they will do good. They will shut the Sparky without even shooting as she can’t do anything against the Zappies.

Not only the Sparky, they can shut Royal Giant and Bowler completely as they will not be able to shot or throw to the rocks if they are stunned constantly.

To use them as an attacking force also could be effective as long as they are not alone. It is better to accompany them with the other card. A tank in front to cover them will be great as they could cover each other.

Creating a push to enemy’s territory by pairing him with Lumberjack could be a great way. The Lumberjack will tank them at first and once he is dismissed, the rage effect will rage them to be faster in stunning the enemies.


The pushing with Lumberjack

Basically, they operate like an Electro Wizard in my opinion. But with the lower hitpoints. So, you can imagine having a rare card that has the ability quite the same as a legendary card.

But different from Zap or the Electro Wizards, Zappies can do nothing against the air. This is make them a vulnerable card to all of the air troops. Minion Horde or Baby Dragon will be a very effective way to kill them with ease.

Not only the air troops, a common card like Bomber also will be effective to counter them. Once Zappies is distracted then Bomber can dismiss them with only a couple of bomb throwing.


Bomber is effective to dismiss the Zappies


Zappies is the only rare card that can stun the enemy. Not mentioning that they are a versatile card in defending and attacking, I think this card is definitely will offer you much and have a spot in one of your decks.

If you guys have got the card, then I am sure you maybe have alternatives to use the card. So, if you have something to add or just to discuss then feel free to use the comment section down below to add them.

Kingdom’s file is the place where all of your opinions will be heard. Okay, thanks mate. I’m out for now, see you later.