The bubble gum in my mouth now really help me avoiding the attack of the drowsiness. Feeling so sleepy today, I just miss my sleeping talent.


You are back with me the wasted uncle again here and today we will continue our discussion series, the Kingdom’s file. Here is the place where we will discuss a particular card where we will give our opinion and tips n tricks on a particular card and you guys also can put yours.

For now, we will talk about a card that may be very familiar to you. Yap, the card is called: Zap.


Zap is categorized as a common spell card where the card can be unlocked at Arena 5 (Spell Valley). Somehow, I think the Zap maybe or could be made in this place. I like this arena anyway, it’s so colourful.

Zap spell is an area damage spell that creates a stun effect to your enemy’s troops. The card itself will cost 2 of your elixir if you decided to use it.

By looking at its appearance, it is more likely the same as the other spell card, but this time it has the blue colour, the same colour of the stun that it will create on its target.


Stun the Enemies

Like what has been mentioned above, Zap creates a stun to every troop. It creates a thunder that deploys quickly. The stun effect will only last for half a second. But the impact could be devastating especially for the cheap cards.

Yes, the one effective way to use Zap is by putting it on cheap cards. It can dismiss them right away just in a blink of an eye.



The cheap cards here include Skeletons, Skeleton Army, Goblins, Minions or even the Minion Horde. The minion horde anyway would not be dismissed right away, but it will reduce their HP much.



The Minion Horde ready to be stunned

That is why the spell would be very effective if one or two of those cards are marching on to your tower then Zap will answer them and smash them right away. More like the same way as what Arrow does.

One of the most well-known tips and I bet many of you have known is the Zap would be very effective to use with Hog Rider as it can clear Hog Rider’s way or dismiss the troops that distract him.


zap-skeletons-hog rider

Ready to clear the Hog Rider’s way 

Not only effective to use against the troops, Zap can create such damage into a building. It can reduce a tower HP which is effective if the tower is dying and you want to finish it off. Again, more the same way using Arrow.


Zap is one of the most flexible spell in the game, that is why it is one of the popular cards to use in a battle.

Its flexibility combines with the elixir cost that only cost 2 of your elixir make the card sure will have a place on your decks.

There are more tips that may be more effective or interesting that you pals maybe know in using the card. So if you feel need to share it then feel free to discuss it out here.

Let us hear it all, you can write it down in the comment section below. That is all I can say for today’s discussion, till next time, have a blissful day mate