Have you ever tried an X-bow Rocket deck? Today is the day!


Hello, young champs! Greetings from the kingdom. Okay, it’s the beginning of the week is here, so a good addition deck to your playing I think is a good thing to read for now.

Want to know more? Then let’s check out the deck


X-bow Rocket Deck



Average Elixir Cost: 3.4

Play This Deck

As what you see, we will use the ability of X-bow as our main attacker and Rocket for the end game. We got a bunch of defensive cards also. This to make the deck is balanced enough to face all kind of enemies. 





Ice Spirit, this is the cycling card. However, if you are an expert in using this 1 Elixir card you can put yourself at Elixir advantage since the beginning. It can work like the Zap, stopping any gradual damage, resetting any target-damage and freezing any army hit for 1.5 seconds while Zap only 0.5 seconds.

Goblins is a small swarming army. These three green guys can give any incoming attacks such a hard time. Pekka, Giant Skeleton, Hog, you name it, just deploy these greens. They can kite and divert any high damage dealer away from your tower.

Bats is the most efficient card to deal with any situation. They are good in both attacking and defending. They can take out any tanks in the game as long as they are protected. 

The yellow moustache guy is here. He is the leader in defending your base. He is the real guardian. You can use him to be the damaged receiver while dealing with the enemy’s attack. Making your tower free from any damage is the Knight’s job description.


Primary Cards



A ranger, a Musketeer, the damage dealer. She can be used to create a damage to your pushing later. Also, she can be as good in defending as in attacking.

Rocket is the end-game card. Rocket is so useful to go in the late game. You can keep this card until the sudden death mode. At the time, if you find any left towers health points below the damaged rocket can deal, just destroy it with Rocket and get the winning crown. Also, you can use Rocket in defending, how? Just use it to kill any massive attack

I don’t know about you but, in some situation, this card is handy. It can be a good strategy in getting away any enemies that want to destroy your tower. Also, in attacking, you can make any troops aimed to crush your X-bow down get far away from it. Most of all, the Ice Spirit will be an excellent comrade for the Tornado to go since the Tornado will gather the enemy at the centre of it and the ice spirit will be able to hit all of them.

X-bow is the primary card here. You have to place the X-bow beautifully to get the full benefit of destroying the enemy’s base. Always be careful in deploying this card. Just mind your placing and timing when and wherever you decide to use the X-bow.



First minute of the battle

At the beginning of the fight, you might want to start harassing the enemy’s tower with your X-bow and see what kinda card your enemy use to counter this attempt. However, remember to use only X-bow, don’t rush in, guys!

Start with the X-bow


From 2 minutes

At this period of the time in the battle, you might want to consider your play style accordingly to your enemy’s strategy. You can see what deck, counter card or attacking method that your enemy’s use. This way, you will have advantage how to deal with them. Just decide wisely whether when to give your full attack.

Look for what your enemy’s got and adapt


Last minute sudden death

At this moment, you might want to keep harassing the enemy’s tower with your X-bow whenever the card is up on your deck. Keep deploying! And keep implementing! Until you launch the rocket to finish the tower off.

As for the rest of the cards. Just defend to make a counter-attacking wave, use them to protect the X-bow. You can depend only on the X-bow to keep attacking. You can also use the Rocket to kill incoming attacks if you see the offence is so massive.

Again fire them all with X-bow and wait to end them with Rocket



We would use the non-stop firing of the X-bow primarily in using this deck, but the other troops on this deck are cards that make the deck is still a balanced deck to do attack and defend. 

So what do you think? Let me know in the comment column down below guys!

Feel free to add some spicy card, if you think it’ll take better synergies with the deck. Thank you and till next time! See ya!