Hello my friends, in this beautiful morning, JohnnyBoy will write about an insane combination of x-bow and rage spell which is an uncommon thing to do in x-bow deck.

I’m so passionate today because I got the victory in some battles using raged x-bow which I did not expect.

I think it will be just waste of elixir if we put rage on siege building, but it actually works.

X-bow Raged the Fastest Building

The thunderbolt from the x-bow gets increased for 35% speed movement if we put rage on it.

X-bow is the fastest siege building in clash royale with the widest range.

Can you imagine how incredible it is if we can fasten the fastest?

That is insane guys, if x-bow is well protected, it can destroy the enemy tower so rapidly.

Deck combination

Average Elixir Cost : 3.5


Play This Deck

X-bow and Rage

In first two cards, we have X-bow and rage spell. I already mentioned a bit of the combination above.

By putting the rage on it, indirectly we also lengthen its lifespan which we need from the x-bow.

As we know, the siege building such as mortar and x-bow is so easy to be destroyed because it has not enough lifespan to stand on the ground.

Lengthen its lifespan doesn’t mean we literally change the lifespan into longer.

We fasten the thunderbolt so it’s like we make the same calculation of normal thunderbolt.

It will shoot out in the normal lifespan with the thunderbolt which multiplied per second and gets destroyed in the half HP.

Therefore the half HP of raged thunderbolt shoots equals to full HP thunderbolt shoots.

Huh, hope you guys still can do some unimportant math here.

Yeah, generally speaking, we expect the x-bow to finish off the tower faster.

Musketeer and Knight

I choose to pick musketeer because it can pretty much handle the air and ground troops which come to destroy the x-bow.

If we launch musket and there’s still rage effect around the x-bow, it means we fasten musketeer too.

Here, we also fasten our support to protect the x-bow. Impressive huh? 

When we have x-bow, we won’t let the x-bow to be the damaged receiver

We need it to live longer to make more and more hits.

Better to enclose knight because it has enough HP and moreover it prevents us from making an expensive deck.

We won’t wait too long to launch the high HP troops in front of the x-bow.

Launch the tank A.S.A.P to protect the x-bow.

The knight is cheap enough so we can quickly launch the support to add some more protection.

It makes the card rotation faster, and so we will have more supports surrounding the x-bow.

Arrows and the Log

These two cards are the necessary spell cards which can match the x-bow so perfectly.

We can send the arrows if minion horde or skeleton army are approaching the x-bow.

We can use the log to pull out the approaching troops as well.

Use the log whenever you face the single heavy troops which might harm your support and x-bow.

It will give some time and distance for us, so we can expect the supports to handle the enemy after we send the log successfully.

Witch and Archers

I prefer to pick witch because of its splash damage and its spawning skeletons ability which we need to add more distraction.

We have rage so that witch will counter the enemy and spawning skeletons faster.

We need a splash damage dealer and more distraction; then we should enclose the witch.

For archers card, this card is optional; you can pick any cards that you think can match better with the x-bow.

We can flexibly play the archers, and we need the support which can deal with air and ground troops.

Ultimate counter combo

X-bow, knight, witch, rage

The unification of these cards is number one ultimate combo in this deck.

I assume you can imagine by yourself how incredible those troops are together protecting the x-bow under the rage spell.

They become beast and deadly protectors.

While x-bow keep shooting its fasten thunderbolt, the knight and the witch can mutually finish off the enemy with the extra speed attack.

In 2x elixir, we will be able to prepare both zap and the log as extra supports.

We can send the musketeer as well to shoot from a distance if we want to make sure that x-bow will have enough HP to shoot.

Not only in 2x elixir, you better prepare one of two spells ready to get rid the spawn troops. 

right after this, send the witch from behind


The steps

– We can run this ultimate combo by launching the x-bow first

– Immediately launch the knight; we should launch knight right after the x-bow. So, mind your elixir, wait till your elixir full then launch x-bow

– Let the knight fight in front of the x-bow

here I replace knight with mega knight but overall they work the same way


– After your elixir is enough to send the witch; launch it behind the knight

– Let the witch spawn its baby skeletons and join in the fighting.

– Don’t launch any more troops, prepare the spell cards

– When you see minion horde or skeletons army, deploy the arrows

– If you see heavy troops such as wizard, barbarians, three muskets, or any other troops which you can’t handle with only supports, deploy the log.

– You give the enemy the ultimate fight here, now be ready for defense.

Ultimate Defense Combo

All cards

In defending with this deck, we can actually use any card and play it defensively.

We can play the ultimate counter combo for defense with the same method.

There is just a bit changing the placement of the x-bow; we place it right at the center of our lane.

To make the enemy go to the center first and so it gives more time for our tower to give some more hits.

Because we play the same method as countering, I think I don’t need to explain it again guys.

Guys, we have another articles discussing about the x-bow deck in case you wanna explore more about the fastest siege building.

Alright, I think that’s all for today’s article. I hope you love this glorious strategy and find this article useful.

If you have any comment or suggestion or anything you wanna say, please don’t be hesitate to leave your ideas in the comment section below.

I’ll see you again soon in the next articles. Bye Bye!