Get advance Clash Royale guide for the best X-Bow Deck trophy push. There are several tips along with perfect deck support that are necessary for you to know before playing X-Bow. Furnace, Inferno Dragon, and 2 Wizards will create a great offense and excellent support for X-bow Deck. This time, X-bow would get stronger!


For you who look for best X-Bow deck Clash Royale, you’ve come to the right place. This deck is considerably special due to X-Bow’s function as a winning condition. Moreover, we are gonna combine X-Bow with Furnace as primary defensive building.

My friends, you are here with JohnnyBoy and I will tell you that there are 2 vital supports in this X-bow deck; Electro Wizard and Wizards. Now, we will play Electro Wizard to cover and be the damage receiver for the X-Bow. At the same time, we will send the Fire Wizard to deal with incoming troops that stand near X-bow.

So, while the machine gun keeps on shooting the tower, Electro will hold the interrupter (enemy’s counter card) and Wizard will splash its fire area damage on those.

Well, before we discuss the strategy in depth, let’s take a look at the deck matchups first.

X-Bow deck trophy push


Average elixir cost : 3.8

Play This Deck

As you can see that we include Inferno Dragon and skeleton army. Inferno’s specific duty is to be a tanker killer. So, heavy troops like Giants, Golem, will be handled by one inferno tower.


Inferno tanker killer in defending with Furnace

Next, we have Skeleton Army. This is counter card for every single melee and Inferno Dragon. Remember that we will countering only with X-bow. So, deploy the Skeleton Army once the enemy deploys Pekka, Sparky, Inferno Dragon, and other non-area dealers that try to shut X-Bow. 

Skeleton Army will distract all of them and let our wizards dealing with those incoming troops. All of these is just for the sake of X-Bow.


skeletons distract incoming troops

Deploy the Log to push enemy back. You can specifically use it to kill Princess too. She will be so annoying because she can force us to deploy unnecessary card. To prevent your negative elixir spending, deploy the Log, it’s cheap, and it executes every ground troops.

Use the Log to execute ground units which incoming to your X-bow

Next, we have Zap. This functions to kill troops like Bats, Skeleton Army, or weaken the Horde. Play your Zap to reset troops with charge, dash, or burst damage. Although we have Electro already, I think better we include the Zap.

One Electro might reset and stun specific troops. But the enemy will send other troops to kill Electro Wizard. He is the frontman here, and we need him to be alive doing his vital job. That’s why we should cover the zap dealer with Zap spell.


Electro Wizard in front of x-bow 

Double Wizards


Now, we talk specifically about the frontman. Once you have X-Bow, make sure that you have Electro as well. Let the X-Bow deployed first without any backups. Then, after the enemy deploys their counter cards, deploy Electro Wizard immediately.

Here, we utilize his spawn zap damage to retarget incoming troops. So, the troops which target on X-Bow will be re-targeted to him.

At this moment, we deploy Wizard to deal with fire splash containing high damage. The fire will execute the incoming troops while they are hold by the Electro Wizard. It seems like Electro is another excellent frontman to guard the siege building especially X-Bow.


ewiz down to earth with cool blue thunder zap

I wrote an article talking about the use of Ice Wizard as a perfect guardian. He is, yet, we don’t play it this time because I prefer Electro and Wizard to guard the siege building. Let’s keep experimenting yes? Never settle.

Furnace on Defense

Now, let’s talk about the Furnace, when to use it and what to achieve? As I said earlier that we will set this one as primary defense card. No matter what, always have furnace in defending. 

Go on defense by launching Furnace first. In countering, we will always have X-Bow built first. See the pattern? Combining both building cards with Wizards’ power to protect our counter and defense lines.


furnace and x-bow position in defending

X-Bow on counter

Deploy X-Bow when you have Electro and Wizards ready on the same list. You can do this after defending. So, let’s say the enemy shuts our furnace already. That’s okay as long as we defend the lane securely. After the Furnace shut down, deploy the X-Bow one tiles before the bridge.

Here might be tricky. How can you deploy Electro and Wizard after you use it for defense? For the most defense part, we use Inferno and Skeleton Army to support the Furnace. By doing so, we will have a strong counter list; X-Bow, Electro Wizard, and Wizard.


x-bow deployment place. 1 Tile before bridge

Card Replacement 

electro_wizard-card-clash-royale-kingdomice wizard card-clash-royale-kingdomknight-card-clash-royale-kingdom

Substitute Electro Wizard with Ice Wizard or Knight 


Substitute Zap with Musketeer


Remember, when you want to defend, build the Furnace first. And when you go on attacking, build the X-Bow followed by its supports. Alright, we come to the end. I hope you enjoy this article and find it useful. If you have any comment or suggestion please feel free to join the discussion. Have fun and see you on battlefield!