Saturday over here and today is the time we would discuss the surprising Wizard deck for Arena 5!


Surprising? Yea I would say it is surprising because we want to create a surprise for the enemy.

A surprise attack is our goal in using this deck and the Wizard will take a big role in doing this. So, wasting no more time, you can look at the deck

Surprising Wizard Deck for Arena 5


Average Elixir Cost: 3.5

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As what you see, we got the combination of quite attacking combination with the support of the spell cards that would help quite much in the battle later.

Main Cards

wizard-card-Clash-Royale-Kingdomspear-goblins-card-Clash-Royale-Kingdomskeleton army card-clash-royale-armygoblin barrel-card-clash-royale-kingdomballoon-building targeting card clash royale

By taking a look at those cards above of course you would think that they are a bunch of attacking cards. And you are right, that’s exactly what we’re gonna do, to create the surprise.

Wizard will be the main damage dealer later. His ability to throw the fires is the main problem to the enemy. I bet you have known how much damage he can create with his fire.

The Spear Goblins and Skeleton Army will be the main support to the wizard to create the surprise attack later in the game. If they have a clear way to attack a tower then everyone knows how these swarm armies are able to tear apart everything that they touch.

We got the Goblin Barrel also here, the Barrel itself will be the card that we would throw right to the enemy’s tower. They would fly right to crush the tower and try to finish it.

Balloon also is on the deck, but the card would be used at the late game. It has great damage and we would try our best to use it finishing a tower down later on.

Supportive Cards  

valkyrie-card-clash-royale-kingdomfreeze-card-clash-royale-kingdomRage Card-Clash-Royale-Kingdom

Valkyrie is a good fighter, then she is an effective card to use to defend and also to attack depending on what reaction the enemy would create later.

Freeze and Rage are our supportive spell cards. Freeze will be great to use in defending to stop all the enemy’s troops step for a moment. Make us attack them easily.

On the other hand, Rage will be the one to fasten and make all of our troops to push their limits and their full potential.

What to do in early battle?

This is the time we would surprise the enemy. Deploy the Skeleton Army just behind your princess tower. Yes, we would use Skeleton Army to do attack.

Once the skeletons reach in front of the tower then deploy the Wizard just in front of them. We would try to maximize their speed. Once they all reach the bridge then summon the Spear Goblins right in front of them to create the full swarm army.

This is to utilize the Spear Goblins to attack the tower right after they pass the bridge. After this, just let them run to the tower. Of course, your enemy could counter them with an Arrow or Zap but this first surprise would make your enemy get distracted.

On the other hand, if they don’t have those cards to counter, then a tower down is a great possibility for us. And that’s why we still have the Goblin Barrel. Once our swarm army creating damage on a tower then throw the barrel. What happens next? I bet at least a tower is dying or worst, yes, it is down.


Wizard and the swarm armies surprise attack

What to do in the late game?

In the late game we would try to do quite similar with the early battle, but this time we got the Balloon. The double elixir time would help us to cycle the deck easily especially we bring the cheap cards in the decks.

In this double elixir time, we would try to fill the field with all the swarm army. Like in the early battle, fill the battlefield with all the swarm army to distract the enemy. Once they get distracted then it is the time to unleash the Balloon.

Unleash the Balloon right on the bridge, as soon as you deploy it then use the rage to fasten its move. This could work also for the other troops that are in the area of the where the rage is put.

The raged Balloon will have a great chance to reach the tower faster and create damage that could guarantee you a tower down.

This is not mentioning that our swarm armies support behind would keep attacking the tower or your enemy’s troops.


Double Elixir time, time for the Raged Balloon


This deck aims for creating the surprise attack at the first. The cards are more for attacking right away but they are still versatile to do both attacks and defend. It all depends on what your enemy can do in a battle.

So, what do you guys think? You have something to add or suggest cards replacement? Then feel free to use the comment section down below to do that mate.

It is all nice to hear all of your thoughts. Time for me to do a 4 hours shower time for now. I’m in a drama queen mode for today.