Vicious Wizard deck Clash Royale is here! Let’s see the best performance of mighty Wizard Clash Royale in combination with Cannon Cart and Inferno Dragon. Love using Wizard? Try this Wizard deck and you’ll be more impressed with him. Well, let’s talk about vicious Wizard deck Clash Royale. 


Hello there, it’s me JohnnyBoy with new Clash Royale guide article. And today, we will play with the vicious Wizard deck Clash Royale with powerful combination of Inferno Dragon and Cannon Cart. Let’s see the deck matchups first.

Vicious Wizard deck Clash Royale


Average elixir cost : 3.5

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For those who love using Wizard Clash Royale, you will understand how to play him appropriately. Wizard is one of the best support in the game due to his area damage ability and high DPS. In this deck, we will play him as the primary support for Cannon Cart and Inferno Dragon. Besides, Wizard is also our no.1 defense card which is important to have in every defense.


Inferno Dragon is the key of countering. We will play the dragon since we defend the lane. Hopefully, Inferno Dragon will survive, and it will likely to survive because we combine it with Wizard which give extra damage.


Cannon Cart is the companion for Inferno Dragon in countering. You can counter push with either Cannon Cart or Inferno Dragon after defense. Deploy one of them on the bridge in front of Wizard.


Valkyrie is the strongest melee in this deck. We use it as tiny tanker whenever we defend against enemy’s troops. If enemy counters with ground melee with high HP, we can send Valkyrie as the first card. Then, combine her with Wizard to give extra damage.


Bats are helper. Use Bats to help Valkyrie. Otherwise, use Bats to counter Inferno Dragon that you’ll likely to meet in the arena.

goblin gang-card-Clash-Royale-Kingdom

Goblin Gang is the counter card for the troops like Pekka, Prince, Inferno Dragon, and other single target card.


Zap is used to support our countering. Although we have Wizard already as the area dealer, we still need it in case we can’t have Wizard in countering.


Lastly, we have Arrows. Use Arrows to kill Goblin Barrel and Minion Horde.

Attacking and defending in Wizard deck Clash Royale 

Remember, the key to win is to defend so efficiently, don’t waste elixir for unnecessary troops if you can handle with one troops. The deck matchup can be used to defend.


Choose necessary troops only

Choose any card for defense, and combine it with cheap cards. If necessary, you can use spells or helper (goblin gang and bats) to give more protection.


Use helper to strengthen defense

If you defend with Inferno Dragon, Wizard, Cannon Cart, or Valkyrie, try to make them survive. Then, counter push with the survivor and add one or two troops to join. If you defend efficiently, you’ll have enough elixir to deploy one or two troops in counter attack.

Counter push after defending

The primary cards have good performance in counter push, therefore you might need only one or two troops to defend in early game.

After defending with Wizard and CC, push with Valkyrie

Just make sure you defend with one or two troops, then counter push with one more troops.


We can counter push with Wizard too

That’t the key to win, defend efficiently, so you can counter push with another strong. Why need to defend efficiently because we play with quite expensive card. Just manage it rightly and you’ll have vicious countering with Wizard. 


If you want to win with Wizard, play the defense efficiently because Wizard is pretty expensive. The efficient defense will enable you to have heavy counter push, that’s why I put Inferno Dragon, Cannon Cart and Valkyrie in this vicious Wizard deck Clash Royale. Good luck buddies!