Hello, everyone! It’s verdaccio here, and I want to continue our discussion on the kingdom’s file. Today It’s going to be the sharing of another epic card. It’s the Witch. For me, I think Witch is the valuable card which can always include in every deck with all kind of type. So, spoiler alert, this article will talk about how important the Witch is with the reasons what makes it a powerful card, a purple woman. Without any further ado, let’s go.




You can unlock the Witch from the training camp, or you can get her since the beginning of the game if you’re lucky. Also, from any chest, you may get it from it. It is considered to be a summoner card. Witch deals a splash damage, and she has a rapid attack speed compared with any other ranged troops, she has the fastest attack speed. But, the damage she deals is rather a below-average damage, though. The cost is 5 Elixirs to play her. Once she is in play, she will spawn 3 Skeletons every 7 seconds. The Skeletons will help her in dealing with anything in the arena.



Well, the Witch is rather a worth-it expensive card, I think. Just use her to cover some damage dealer from any swarm troops. Moreover, with her fast attack speed and her Skeletons, she can be a fantastic support. She can be an excellent companion for any damage dealers such as Giant, Giant Skeleton, Golem, P.E.K.K.A, Mega Knight, etc.

Some advanced players prefer to bring the Witch as the main support since she can deal with both ground and air swarm troops such as the Bats, Minions or Minion Horde, she wipes them out of existence in no time. However, she has to be placed far behind a tank since she is rather a weak unit to cards like Valkyrie, Mini P.E.K.K.A, Barbarians, etc. So, in my opinion, for this card, you have to protect the witch as long as you can to get the best benefit in using he. Most noteworthy, never deploy her next to your towers, if the enemy has a damaging card such as the Rocket or Lightning, it can take her out in an instant.

In counter, I’m sure this is the most efficient epic card in the game. We can use her to deal with any Building-targeting cards and swarm army, of course. We can use the Skeletons she spawns to kite the damage dealer like Elite Barbarians, Prince, Sparky, etc. 


Some situations



I’ve found the enemy’s Prince is running towards my tower’s face when I deploy my Witch at the back of the tower. Just right before the prince hits my tower with his charge damage, my Skeletons manage to tank the charge damage. The Witch can be a good counter to Prince. Not only she can deal with the Prince but also create a counter-attack for the next chance to come.




Here, the Witch can destroy the laser beam producer. When Sparky is about to reach the place to target my tower, I deploy the Witch just right to make the Sparky end up targets the Skeletons, instead. After the Sparky wipe the Skeletons, the damage from both the purple woman and princes’ tower can kill the Sparky before firing the next laser beam.


Inferno Dragon


Laser those worms!

Hahha… Even though it doesn’t put you on the Elixir advantage. She can be an amazing counter for the Inferno Dragon. Yup, I think you know it already. The Inferno Dragon will end up firing the 3 Skeletons, and you can start building you counter attack.




Combination of the two cards actually, you can use the Graveyard as a companion for the Witch. I found some advanced players in 3500++ trophies use this combo in double Elixir moment. Just deploy any tank in front of the Witch and place the Graveyard once they arrive in the enemy’s area.


Bomber, Bowler, Electro Wizard, Executioner & Valkyrie

bomber-card-clash-royale-kingdom bowler-card-clash-royale-kingdom electro_wizard-card-clash-royale-kingdomexecutioner-card-clash-royale-kingdom valkyrie-card-clash-royale-kingdom

Be wary of these cards guys, and I recommend you not to deploy the Witch when you see these cards in the arena.


Fun Fact

1. There was a bug in using her as a spawner. She can get stuck, just right behind/between any huts or buildings. Some advanced players use this bug to use her as an eternal spawner.


Three buildings, actually


2. She gets updated a lot, making her the most buffed card in the game.

There it is guys! That is all from her, I mean.. That’s all I have.. if you have some other thing to add, maybe some suggestions or questions? Please! Feel free to fill the comment column down below and let us grow the Kingdom together. All right, thanks, guys! Verdaccio peace out! See ya!!