Hello guys! Today is the day for the full attacking witch deck for arena 3! For all of you guys who just got into the game then I bet this is a deck for you to progress in the game.


Ops, hope you are having a good mood today to read this. Because this would be the absolute great deck for all of you the attacking minded players.

So, without wasting time, let’s go check the deck. Here they are

Full Attacking Witch Arena 3 Deck


Average Elixir Cost: 3.5

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Witch is one of the strongest cards you get when you start playing the game. Once you get her, then I bet you will not think to exclude her from your deck.

And that is why she will be much effective to put in your deck to get you through the battles. Like what you see above, Witch will be the main card to use in this attacking deck



To fulfil the attacking deck, then these two cards have to be included. These two combos would be the damage dealers to your enemy.

The attacking ability of Musketeer to spit the bullets combine with Splash damage of the Baby Dragon will create a great air + ground pushing.


skeleton army card-clash-royale-armymini PEKKA-card-Clash-Royale-Kingdomspear-goblins-card-Clash-Royale-Kingdom

These three cards will be the supportive cards for the upfront to the attacking cards before. The Mini Pekka usually will be used as a tank in front of the damage dealer, but here we prefer not to use as a tank since it will be easy to guess by your enemy and also concerning to prevent him easily killed by swarm army at the first.

The same as Mini Pekka, Skeleton Army and Spear Goblins also will be used as supportive cards to create the shocking last attack after a pushing of the Witch.

The ability of Skelton Army to tear apart anything will so much useful, while Spear Goblin will help the crushing, they can also counter the air troops that possibly summon by your enemy.



This deck is a full attacking combination, but we don’t forget the defence. Knight will be the main defender here. His high HP will be useful to prevent and distract all the marching on enemies.

In the other hand, arrows will be the one to crush all the cheap cards like Skeleton Army, Goblins or Minions.

While it is also depending on the enemy’s strategy and the battle situation, then the other cards on this deck can also have a role to defend the tower. But of course, we will focus more on attacking right now.

What to do in early battle?

In early game, you would choose to deploy Witch first. Summon her right behind your king tower to make her marching slowly and also to recharge your elixir since she will cost 5 of your elixir. This is also effective to let her create the skeletons more in front of her to help the pushing later


full attacking witch deck arena 3

Deploy the Witch behind the tower to make time to recharge your elixir again


Once she reaches the queen tower then deploy your musketeer just behind her. This will make her be the damage dealer behind the Witch.

The moment both of them reach the bridge then the elixir would be recharge to summon the Baby Dragon. You would deploy the dragon right on top of them.

After that? Wait for your enemy’ reaction. But although whatever your enemy’s response, this combo will make your enemy uncomfortable, I bet this. Not even a chance to put swarm army as it will not be effective since we got the dragon and Witch here.

The combo that covers all the air and ground would certainly create a great pushing. This is a full attacking combo so we will not really wait until the last minute to finish the game.

Once the first combo is countered (well not really clear our combo right away) then it is time to deploy the Mini Pekka and the Skeleton Army.

Place the Skeleton Army right behind the first combo to make them start running. This is the time that we will use the tearing apart effect of them to crush the tower.

This certainly would surprise the enemy and again will make them not so comfortable. The moment your elixir is recharge then waits no more to deploy the tiny destroyer to finish them off. He will the main last crusher and finish the tower you aim for.

This combo of five kind cards is all about make the surprise full attack and make the enemy busy to defend rather than launch their strategy.

The surprise full attack got you a tower

What to do at the last minute?

Well, by using this strategy we will aim for finishing the game as soon as possible. But, if your enemy is able to bring you to the last minute and to the double elixir time, then this deck is a versatile deck to use.

The same as the early battle, you can use the same attacking strategy but this time the double elixir would help you cycle the deck faster. This would make you fulfil the arena with all the troops and make your enemy twice busier.


The surprise full attack 2

If you are pushed to defend (little possibility, yea), then the cards on this deck are also good to defend the tower. Mini Pekka, Musketeer or even the Baby Dragon would be good to use as the defender to your tower.


This deck aims for the full attacking strategy and finish the game as soon as possible but on the other hand, the deck itself is a versatile deck to use to defend.

Every player would have different approaching in playing the game, so if you guys have something more to add, then feel free to use the comment section down below to discuss it all.

I think that’s all from me for now, see you guys later, and of course have a nice day!