Winter is coming, Mega Knight Balloon on winter, everything’s dangerous

Hello everyone! This is Friday and today should be an amazing day. The day when you can go out and hangout with beloved person, or maybe just laying in bad all day. Before we start the discussion, let me take a breath and say TGIF. We are about to enter Christmas eve folks and I really can’t wait for it. And today’s article is a very special too because I want to give you a winter-related article.

Alright, so today we will talk about the considerably overpower deck because we will play with some harsh and expensive cards. Not only expensive, these cards also create a spectacular ultimate in countering. We pick the mega knight, balloon, and freeze as primary counter cards. Everything will be quickly executed, we will silent the tower so it can’t do anything. Not only tower, enemy’s defensive cards will just remain silent in ice.

Moreover, we will double up the damage of balloon and mega knight with clone spell. As you can probably notice that mega knight and balloon have similar passive ability; balloon’s death effect and mega’s jump damage. Nah, we will double up these two cards. Clone the balloon when it connects and before balloon dies. So, the bomb death effect will be multiplied. Clone the mega knight when he connects to the tower to double up its hit damage.

Well, before we discuss the discussion in depth, shall we take a look at the deck matchups first.

Deck matchups

Winter-is-Coming – Mega-Knight-Balloon-Freeze-clash-roale-kingdom

Average elixir cost : 4.1

Play This Deck

Eventually, we still have a pretty strong defense cards too. Utilize skeleton army’s number to distract non-area dealer and inferno dragon, sparky, prince. Don’t worry about PEKKA attack if you have hundreds of skeletons in defending. This swarmy will slaughter the mighty PEKKA and shut it down.

Not only skeleton army, musketeer will join in defending the lane. Collaborate with skeleton army and baby dragon, this beautiful lady will be a ranger who shoots incoming troops from far behind.

Winter-is-Coming – Mega-Knight-Balloon-Freeze-clash-roale-kingdom

fabulous lady on ranger defense

We still have one more support, baby dragon. This is our double agent. Baby dragon will deal area splash and that functions to cover the mega knight and balloon in countering. Although mega knight deals with area, but he can’t reach the sky; can’t counter air units. We need one splash dealer, cheap, and capable of reaching the ground and air units. Baby dragon is a smart decision for this.

In supporting the balloon and mega knight, arrows spell is another best support card for this combo. The swarmy, especially horde will be no longer major issue.

It seems like we have 3 spells which is so important in countering. Freeze is the number one spell here. As I said that we will use freeze in countering with balloon and mega knight. However, there is something you need to understand before you deploy the freeze. Once you have balloon and mega knight on enemy’s lane, wait till the enemy deploys their defense card. After they deploy defense card, deploy freeze immediately to silent both troops and tower. So, you don’t need to worry about anything. The balloon will fly free without any obstacles and mega knight will hit the enemy’s troops on its position.

Counter with Mega Balloon

Now, let’s talk about counter strategy with balloon and mega knight. This is our ultimate combo because we will enclose both primary dealer and clone spell. Clone spell will double up the damage so this is the highest damage counter combo we can get. To run this strategy, you need to wait till 2x elixir starts due to expensive elixir cost of balloon and mega knight.

In 2x elixir, make sure that you have balloon, mega knight, and clone pop up on the list. And if you have those ready, deploy mega knight first. That will be good if you play defensive mega knight first. So, you won’t lose him in countering because of enemy’s defense cards. Alright let say you play defensive mega knight first. Try as hard as you can to support him so he will survive. After finishing his defender’s duty, he will continue counter attack.

Right before mega knight enters the bridge, deploy the balloon on the bridge to be in front of mega knight. Remember that mega knight already loses its HP in defending, to prevent the death, we can set the balloon as temporary damage receiver. That’s good if you have higher level balloon because it may survive and well-protected the mega knight.

Alright, it’s time to clone! Clone the balloon and mega knight before they die. Especially balloon, you should see the balloon’s HP. Deploy clone is you see its HP reduce a lot and about to die. So, you’ll get double bombs death effect.

Winter-is-Coming – Mega-Knight-Balloon-Freeze-clash-roale-kingdom

Clone before balloon dies. Get double bomb death effect

Counter with balloon and freeze

Another strong counter combo we can do in early battle is balloon and freeze. Make sure that you have balloon and freeze ready on the list. We can’t delay the freeze deployment. There’s one thing you should notice before you run this. Wait till the enemy deploys their cards, any card. Then you deploy balloon on the bridge.

If the enemy quickly send another defense troops, you should launch the freeze in immediate. Make sure that the troops and tower are in freeze radius. Balloon will fly without any hits from the enemy because they will be silent in ice. Freeze is another excellent spell card to support the building targeting troops. By the presence of the freeze, balloon will have more bomb drops.

Winter-is-Coming – Mega-Knight-Balloon-Freeze-clash-roale-kingdom

Balloon in winter. Once enemy deploys prince, balloon and freeze

Counter with mega knight and freeze

This is the last counter combo we can run utilizing mega knight and freeze. If you have both cards on the list, you can launch this as aftershock counter. It means, after defending with defense card, you can initiate this aftershock counter. Start with the mega knight on the bridge. Once enemy deploys their defense cards, silent them with the freeze. Mega knight will jump on them and finish them.

Notice this, right after the enemy deploys defensive cards, you should quickly silent them before they go any further from the tower. What I mean by that is to silent the troops and the tower so the mega knight, who deals with small area damage will hit the troops and tower at the same time.

Winter-is-Coming – Mega-Knight-Balloon-Freeze-clash-roale-kingdom

freeze the tower and troops, let the mega knight deals area splash


Alright folks, what do you think about this strategy? Are you a mega knight player? Tell me your opinion about this counter strategy. Winter is coming guys and it’s time to play with the freeze, another excellent spell to support building targeting card.

I hope you enjoy this article and find it useful. Have fun and see you on battlefield!