Hi, pals! as we are looking at the official Clashroyale.com today, we got some news to share with you that there will be a new challenge that you guys sure will be excited about!


The brand new challenge is called Draft Challenge! Draft Challenge sure will be fun and unique Challenge. In this challenge, you and your opponent will make each other’s Battle Decks!

Each of the battle starts with you will have to choose a between 2 cards you will pick one for yourself and the other one is given to your opponent (this term is called drafting”). Rinse and repeat it until your deck is complete.

You have to keep in mind that you know 4 of your opponent’s cards, and the same goes for your enemy that also know 4 of your cards! Any card in the game can come up as an option, so you might get to play with something new!

It comes in two flavors (“Classic” & Grand”) with one free entry. Draft Challenge will be available to play in Friendly Battles from Mar 2-6 and Challenges from Mar 3-6

Well, if you decided to enter the challenge we’d love to hear your opinion of the challenge.

You can put it in the comment section down below.

Out for now, see you guys around, cheers!