The new update has coming up today everyone!


Ups, I forget to say hello. Sorry. Okay, Good morning young champs! Today will be the day you forget all of your problems and everything will be alright in the end.

Nice quote, isn’t it? I am the king of quote mate everybody knows it. 

As what I have mentioned in the first sentence, the new update has arrived and there are certain changes that will be happened.

Some of those have been mentioned in the update sneak peek the day before, but here are things and the details that you should know.

Special Event Challenges


The game will introduce the first special even challenge named
King’s Cup”.

King’s Cup is a time-limited challenge with special rules. In this challenge, you will enter the battle with a deck that is created by the game. This should be fun since it will test your natural skill in fighting rather than too much relying on your fav deck. 

Your first entry to the challenge will be all free. The challenge itself will begin on Nov 4. 3 days to go!

Four New Cards


As we knew from the sneak peek, there will be four new cards! One of them has been revealed and its name is Tornado.

Tornado will be released soon on Nov 11. The other three will soon release once in every two weeks.



There are some new improvements also in this new update.

During the Friendly Battle, both of the players’ card will be levelled up or down to the Tournament Rules. 

You can also unlock new three achievements and request cards from your Clan every 7 hours. The Clan Trophy requirements also can be set to 4000.


The last is certain cards have been rebalanced. We got information about that, don’t worry. Also, now when you are spectating a friend, the opponent’s Elixir bar will be hidden.

Make sure you check the changes and leave all of your thoughts about these changes on the comment section down below!

Have a blessed day champs, cheers!