Update Sneak Peeks 2 May. Hello all of the beautiful and charming people all over the globe. Good morning! Don’t forget to serve yourself a nice cup of coffee or tea, eat that delicious breads and be ready for a blissful day ahead!


I hope my introducing sentences would light up your mood mate, really.

So, to start your day, I, your favorite uncle will tell you a very good news because the newest Clash Royale update is arriving and it somehow will be released tomorrow.

And more great thing is, today we got the sneak peek of the newest update.

There are certain features that will be added in the newest update so here are the early teaser of the update you must know first:

Spectate Battles Live!

Start from the new update has been released, you will be able to watch the Friendly Batlles live and throw the confetti.

Also in on the TV Royale Channel, now you can be able to see the best battles from any arena

More Rewards!

There will be more reward in the upcoming update! They are

Gold: you can receive Gold for each win, even when your chest slots are full

Crown Chest: now it will contain twice as much

Super Magical Chest: Chance to drop doubled!

Giant and Magical Chests: now you have chance to drop increased!

Donations/Requests: there will be donations and requests that will increases as you reach higher Arenas

Card Shop: now the Legendary Cards can appear if you are able to reach the Legendary Arena

Six New Cards!

Yo mate, it is right there will be 6 new cards that will make their appearance in the game. Three of them are named Fire Spirits, Furnace and Guards.

Fire Spirits is three spirits that somehow are in a kamikaze mission to kill the enemies.

Furnace that spawns two Fire Spirits at a time but also makes a great pancake and

Guards which are three vicious bone brothers with shields that ready to wash out their opponents

Three New Legendaries!

As a part of the six new cards above, then three of them are legendary cards! Wohoo. This is exciting and they are

Lava Hound which a majestic flying beast thing that ready to destroy all kind of buildings completed with its Lava Pups which are the unhappy babies that of course are angry all the time.

Miner which is basically yes, a miner that build his own way in underground to suddenly appear somewhere in the certain places.

And the last one is Sparky which is just simply a demolishing weapon.  

So, that’s all for the sneak peek of the upcoming update. Stay tune for the real update!

You can put your comments or question about this sneak peek down below in the comment section

I’m signing out for now, have a blissful day again my kids, cheers!