Hello champs all over the world! It’s a good sunny day over here and the new mood is on the air. Me currently listening to Oasis right now. Screw you Noel! Hail team Liam.


Who cares anyway. Okay back with me the wasted uncle and today is a great day because we got the sneak peek of the upcoming newest update!

There will be exciting things happen in the upcoming update that would likely come tomorrow! And here are they

New Arena

Yap there will be new arena! The new arena will be named The Builder’s Workshop and the arena will be unlocked at 1700 trophies before you move to the Royal Arena to 2000 Trophies. It looks exactly like a workshop anyway

Multiple Battle Decks!

Now you will have multiple decks! yap there will be added decks where you can do experiment with the cards that you have. There will be three of them. Now it is all up to you to find the most effective decks and cards combination for your fighting style.

Ops and there is the bonus sneak peek which is there will be two new chests. Giant Chest and Super Magical Chest will be available where they can be bought from the Shop and won from battle.

Six New Cards!

And yes there are six new cards that will make their introducing to the game, they are:

– New Common Card: Royal Giant

– New Rare Card: Three Musketeers

– New Epic Cards: Dark Prince, Poison

– New Card Rarity: Yap, this would be the upcoming two new legendary cards.

Again there are bonus sneak peeks which are Legendary Cards that now can be found in any chest in which the Super Magical Chests that will have the highest chance of containing a Legendary Card.  

That’s all for now, don’t forget to stay tuned for the real update that will arrive soon.

Signing out for now, ciao!