Hello mate. Okay like what has been mentioned yesterday that today a new sneak peek will arrive then finally we come into the last sneak peek of the new update. 


For the last sneak peek it will be much more about the Bonus Stuff that there will be in the update and the game. What should you know are…

– Now you all guys can share and copy decks from outside the game. So now you can copy somebody’s deck as long as you have the same card as the one you copy. The same way goes to when you share your deck to somebody.

– The game also has revamped the Shop, check it out for Daily Deals

– In the next update, you all guys can collect a free Epic Card from the Shop every Sunday!

– Gems are no longer refunded for Custom Tournaments if no players join or battle

– More of cool stuff, the News Royale now has a glorious full screen!

Wait for the real update that would likely come tomorrow, so stay tuned! 

Out for now, cheers!