Wumbo! What’s the meaning of wumbo? Never mind. I just find the word is funny and suits a good introduction word for today’s news. yea tell me if it sucks. 


The uncle is back here and we the ClashRoyaleKingdom crew just got a news about the next update that likely will be arrived tomorrow.

Today we got some sneak peeks about all of the changes that will arrive soon. As always there will be something interesting in each of a new update. So here are things that you should know first to make you ready for the real update:

Coming up in the next update are,

Friendlier Friendly Battles!

There are Friendlier Friendly Battles where during a Friendly Battle, both of the players’ cards will be levelled up or levelled down to the Tournament Rules” for an even playing field.

*when watching a friend’s battle, now the opponent’s Elixir bar will be hidden.  

Four New Cards!

Yea as what we expected, there are new cards coming up! Not only one, there will be 4 cards that make their entrance to the game.

We have figure out one of the new cards and its name is Tornado! The Tornado card will be available soon on Nov 11. Don’t worry we’ll give you a sneak of the card soon, so stay tuned. 

The other new cards also can make their first appearance into the game once in every two weeks later on.

 *Now you can request cards from your Clan every 7 hours (from 8 hours)

 Special Event Challenges!

There is Special Event Challenge make to the new update. The first special event challenge named King’s Cup! King’s Cup is a limited time challenge with special rules.

The first entry to the challenge will be free. The King’s Cup itself will start on Nov 4. Get yourself ready to enter this new challenge!

*Muting your opponent’s emotes will now fully mute them.

Well, stay tuned for the real update that likely comes tomorrow.

I’m signing out, cheers! Ops forget it, Wumbo!