Yo wazzap my kids all over the globe! I’m back again here and just what we’ve promised yesterday that a new sneak peek has been released for today! Yesterday is the quests day and today will be the new game mode day. It is all because the new sneak peek number 2 will be all about new game mode.


Just what we have mentioned before, the new game mode will be the new 2 v 2 touchdown game! But today we got more detail about the new game mode.

Touchdown Mode

Just like what the news before, the new game mode will be without towers! It is all about who is the first to score the touchdown. Don’t forget it is on 2 v 2.

Ladder Bonus Rewards

There will be time-limited events that allow you to get gold or gems for destroying enemy towers on ladder. This will happen only in 1 v 1. And the new feature is the Towers will get the new gold skin

New 2 v 2 Emotes and Rematch

In the new update you guys will have the option to rematch with your teammate! Even with a random player in. You can play 2 v 2 challenges with your friends to 12 wins. After each 2 v 2 match, now there will be a new feature where you can chat with your teammate. Your opponents will not see them anyway.

Improved Challenges

Also, there will be new challenge types. Here the new challenge will not knock you out after 3 losses, you will get a chance to play until you get all the rewards.

In some challenges, you score with the crowns, not with the wins. Multi-stage challenges allow you to join the next stage only after finishing the previous.

And the last, there will be Mirror Challenge that gives you and your opponent (or opponents, if it’s 2 v 2) exactly the same decks.

That’s all for the Sneak Peek #2, don’t’ worry be back for tomorrow.

Signing out for now, cheers!