Good morning champs! Is everybody alright? I guess it’s a yes.


Back to your not so favorable uncle here. But wait, a favorable news has just come and it is a very exciting news because the first official sneak peeks of the upcoming newest update has been released!

What is the first official sneak peek?

Yap like what has been spread around, in this upcoming update there will be certain big things happened. Previously we have been told that a new game mode name 2 v 2 touchdown will come soon and another big change is also happened in this sneak peek.

It is called quests! What are quests? Not will be too long, there will be changes in your game screen because all of the free chests will be changed into daily quests.

So, quests here are your new rewards! Start from the update is released, you will get the quests as your new achievement. They will be given to you at different times. There will be a daily quest and weekly quest.

You will have to collect the quest point to unlock certain rewards and the rewards will include Magical Chest, Super Magical Chest or even Legendary Chest. Of course, there will be cards in there.  

To unlock the quests there will be some challenges you must complete like winning 5 2 v 2 matches, play 50 matches with spell cards, play 40 matches with epic cards and a lot more. Some of the quests will be easy like opening the Free Chest but some of them will be very challenging.

Man, this is very exciting since we heard the rumour that this upcoming October update will be like one of the biggest update ever in Clash Royale.

This is just the first sneak peek that has been revealed, there will be more start on tomorrow. So, stay tuned, champs!  

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Signing out for now, be right back soon!