Clash Royale Kingdom crew is back here, and me your fantastic uncle back again. So, get up from your bed now, check your gadget because an important news has arrived and you all the Clash Royale addict have to check them as soon as possible.


So, yes the newest update has arrived this morning and like we have known from the update sneak peek there are some upgrades and changes that will happen to the game. We got all the details and here are things you have to check

New Tournament Mode


Like what we have known in the sneak peek, there are challenges that you certainly you need to try to win. Win 12 battles and you can unlock the top prize but by losing 3 battles then you are out. There is also a Classic Challenge where you can have the top prize of 2000 Gold and 100 cards.

The challenge would need 10 Gems to make your entry but it is worth to try. Finally, there is the Grand Challenge. The Grand Challenge would need 100 of your Gems to enter but the prize of course will seduce everyone where you will have the chance to win 22000 Gold and 1100 cards.

Current Tournaments Revamped

The current tournaments also will be changed where in the Tournament Creation, Gem prices and prizes have been reworked. The Simplification also changed where you will choose between four tournament setups.

Four New Cards

As we knew from the sneak peek yesterday it has been official that 4 brand new cards will arrive to the arena. This is exciting since the 4 new cards will try to fight their places in each of your decks. One of the card names is Mega Minion. I don’t know if it is will be a bigger minion. Maybe? Let’s see. Each of the new four cards will be released once in every two weeks. Stay tuned for the cards releasing!

New Chests and Shop Offers


This new update will also contain chests and of them is the Legendary Chests! Inside the Legendary Chest you will have a chance to have a Legendary Card from every Arena. You can win them from battle or appear in the Shop.

Not only Legendary Chest, there is also an Epic Chest where the Epic Cards will be inside of it. There are also Arena Packs where there are Special one-time offers when you reach a new arena. Not only Arena Packs, there will be special offer card stacks for the new cards releasing.


There are Friendly Battles in the new update! Now you can fight your friends from the friend list. The Friends List will also move to the new Social Tab that replaces the Clan tab. Now you can also see your friends where they are online and watch their battles.

Other Stuff

There are other cool stuffs happen in the new update like. Rethinking Emotes, now you can mute your opponent during a battle.

Excess Crowns, now you can go from one Crown Chest to the next if you have one waiting

Achievements, now you can unlock a new achievement in Tournament Challenges

And the last like the usual update, certain card will be re-balanced in the Balance Changes Live.

So that’s all you need to know about the update. Put your comments everything about this new update in the comment section

Okay mate, have a good night. cheers!