Hey champions! Back again here. 
Just like we mentioned yesterday, the new update has arrived today. The details are pretty much the same as the sneak peek that we shared yesterday. But there are more that haven’t been mentioned and here is everything you got to know:





There will be league! For the first time, a league will have an appearance in the game

You can make your first league entrance with 4000 trophies, climb through 9 leagues to make yourself able to join the Ultimate Champion League.

Get a monthly season reward based on the highest league you are able to reach.


New Chest


New chest! Yap new chest will be Draft Chest that will offer you multiple card choices where you can choose your own reward! The Draft Chest will only available in the end of the season of the league.


Clan Battles


Aside from the new chest, just like what mentioned in the sneak peek a new game mode has been announced. The new game mode is called Clan Battles! 
In the clan battles, you will enter the battle side by side with your Clanmate against two opponents from another Clan. The first Clan Battle event will be coming on Mar 24. So tell your clan mate to prepare themselves!


New Cards


As we knew before there are new cards that will be introduced, the four cards will make their first entrance soon. 
For the first, a card named Bandit will make its entrance on Mar 24 and there will be Bandit Draft Challenge when you can use the new card in the battle or even own it if you are able to win it. The later Night Witch, Bats and Heal will also make their first appearance into the game. Oops, those are their name by the way! Haha. You better watch out about them!


New Arena


New cards are coming now it is the time for new arenas that will also make its entrance. 
There are two arenas that will appear soon. The first is arena 10 that named Hog Mountain (renamed from a Legendary Arena) and brand-new arena 11 that will be available at 3800 trophies. And still, Legendary Card will appear in the shop at 3000 Trophies.




The last of the new update is there are new improvements in the game.

They are:
– Clan Chest that moved to Friday to Monday
– Challenge Crowns that will contribute towards Clan Chests and Crown Chests
– The cards now have Tournament Level button to see their stats at the
Tournament Rules
– Now you also can watch your Clanmates’ battle live in the Clan page
– New Trainers for 3600 4000 Trophies

As usual for the new updates, the cards will re-balanced. Don’t worry we have an article specifically about that. So keep watching!

Make sure you put everything in your mind about this new update down below on the comment section.

I’m signing out, Cheers!