Aloha, morning again. And again your fav uncle is here. Since you recently got two news and updates about the new update, so here it is the real update has come and you all guys should check it out right away. I’m not pushing you by the way. 
So, yap here are some details of it




As we knew from the sneak peek, yap it is right there will be a massive new feature which is Tournaments where you can challenge the other players in a Tournament format to get the Tournament Trophies. Climb the tournament leaderboard to earn Huge Tournament Chests!

Four New Cards


Also from the sneak peek we knew there are 4 new cards that will be launched. Therefore, it is right the 4 new cards will be soon available in your decks. We got names of them! they are

–   New Common Card: Ice Spirit

–  New Epic Card: Bowler

–  New Legendary Cards: Lumberjack & The Log

New Arena and More


Yap, again the sneak peek says the truth. The new arena called Frozen Peak will be able for you to unlock at 2300 Trophies

–   Achievements: Now you can compete in tournaments to unlock new achievements

–   TV Royale: The TV Royale now will feature top players in the Legendary Arena channel more often

–   TV Royale: Moved to the middle screen (Battle tab)

–   Friendly Battles: now in Friendly Battles you all can choose which Arena to fight in. This is exciting to test the new fields

–   Card Collection: Sort your cards by Arena, Elixir cost or rarity

–   Player Profile: Now shows your last used Battle Deck from any battle (not necessarily the one  currently selected)

–    Bug Fixes: The 11th Elixir drop has been removed (as a feature”, it was a bit too hidden), fixed cards deselecting when overtime kicks in.


As usual there will be re-balancing of the cards. And the Balance Change Live will do just that. The Balance Change Live also comes today. Stay tune!

That’s all the details about the new update. Go check them out. If you guys have your thought about this new update then don’t hold yourself to put them in the comment section down below

Everything would be alright in the end, signing out here, cheers!