Hello my lovely people all over the Globe! Hope you are all in a good mood today. Hey, keep that smile on your face! Don’t hold up your happiness.  Okay, enough.


Today it is all about a good day because not only this 29 February will only happen again in 4 years, it is also because the real update for has been released! Since we got the sneak peek 2 days ago the update will be basically the same but there are more things you should know and here are they are

Six New Cards

As what it has been teased in the sneak peek there will be 6 new cards make their introducing to the game they are

New Common Card: Royal Giant

New Rare Card: Three Musketeers

New Epic Cards: Dark Prince, Poison

New Card Rarity: 2 New legendary cards


New Arena, Chests and More

Also has been revealed in the sneak peek, the new arena will be called the Builder’s Workshop which is relaxing to look, at least for me haha. The Builder’s workshop can be unlocked at 1700 Trophies until you can move to the Royal Arena at 2000 trophies. Moreover, now you can have multiple decks to experiment with all cards you have.

More New Stuff

Training Camp, in training camp the opponents will be scaled up to 3500 trophies. The other good thing is there are new 14 new in-game languages which are French, German, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Norwegian, Portuguese, Russian, Turkish, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Arabic. Also, in
(Ios) 3D touch it gives quick card info.


Balance and Other Changes

In the new update certain cards will be rebalanced but don’t worry you can check it all in the Balance Changes Live that also comes out today. The Replay Controls also now will show and hide if you tap the screen.

For the Area Damage, now the Troops and buildings that deal area damage won’t stop their attack if their targets dismissed during the attack animation. The last is, the mirror card will be fixed to correctly cost your previous card at +1 Elixir.

Yap mate that is all you must know about the new update, make sure you check them out. And don’t forget to put your opinion of the new update in the comment section below

Me out for now, see you guys around