Hi again young champion all over the world! Like what we have mentioned yesterday about the new updates. The official updates have arrived today and here is the thing that you should be excited about!


More Event


Like what we have said yesterday in the update sneak peeks, in this new update there will be more event that arrives. 
There will be Crown Duel Challenge set on Dec 16, the Clan Chest event that coming on Dec 19 and there is also an exciting Electro Wizard Challenge on Dec 23.

More Epicness

As what has been promised, more epicness also is in the new update. There is Epic Sunday to request and donate the Epic Cards. The Epic Cards will cost less in the Shop, even cut in a half.

New Arena


The new
Jungle Arena” that has been teased to us also will make its first appearance in the game and will set on Jan 13.

New Cards


Like the new arena, the four new cards will be also released. The Dart Goblin will make his first entrance into the game on Jan 13. While his 3 other friends will make theirs once in every two weeks.


In the new update, also there are improvements like the Special Event Challenges that can be played in Friendly Battles. There is new legendary jingle when you decide to buy a Legendary Card from the Shop. And a new look for the News Royale inbox.

And the last one is the cards will be re-balanced by the game. We will tell you about the re-balancing and what cards that are changed in the next Balance Update news.

You can look further into the updates and if you have something to tell about, please put it in the comment section below.

We’re signing out, Ciao!