Hey Yo again, me again here. As usual following the release of the newest October update then the cards will be rebalanced here in the Balance Change Live. These are the cards that you must check right away


Sparky: Hit speed to 4sec (from 5sec), damage 15%

The change will not make Sparky one-shot another Sparky.

Tesla: Damage +41%, hit speed to 1sec (from 0.8sec)

Tesla will one-shot Minions and Goblins.

Electro Wizard: Damage 4%, first attack comes 0.2sec slower

There will be no major interaction changes.

Graveyard: Duration to 10sec (from 9sec), radius to 4 (from 5), first Skeleton spawns 0.5sec slower, Skeletons spawn less randomly

The same as above, no major interaction changes.

Cannon Cart: Hitpoints +5%, shield hitpoints +5%

Now the Cannon Cart’s shield will survive a Mega Knight jump and hit.

Lightning: Damage 3%, radius to 3 (from 3.5)

No major interaction changes.

Spear Goblins: Hit speed to 1.1sec (from 1.3sec)

No major interaction changes.

Valkyrie: Damage +5%

This change would allow Valkyrie to one-shot Princesses and Dart Goblins, and take down Barbarians in three attacks.


There is also fixes to follow up the update,

Bandit, Mega Knight FIXED: Bandit and Mega Knight dashing/jumping will have a shorter distance than they should.

Cannon Cart FIXED: Troops occasionally stopped targeting the Cannon Cart and very occasionally get stuck behind a broken Cannon Cart.

Troop Pathfinding FIXED: Troops steering towards an unexpected lane.

That’s all for the latest Balance Changes, make sure to check and test your favorite cards changes right away

See you guys around, Cheers!