Hello, everyone! It’s verd back with another card guide. This time the kingdom ordered me to share with you the card that can bring me to 12 wins in any challenges guys! How’s that sound? Awesome right, here we go.


The card is X-Bow. This card is currently meta, stronger than ever. Because of the capability which can take down a whole tower with only 50% health or even lower. I’m going to give any info there is to know about this card, sit tight people. You can get X-Bow from the arena 3 named Barbarian Bowl. Despite the fact that it can only aim a single target, it has long-ranged and can blow a tower without being deployed on the enemy’s land. The X-Bow card costs 6 elixirs to deploy, it’s just appeared like a giant crossbow.

Before I’m going to share how to attack with this card, I’m going to show you how I use this meta card to defend the crown first.


Use as a defensive mechanism:



The card X-Bow is a powerful defensive building. With its amazing long range and fire bolts rapidly, it can wipe any large numbers of low-health troops such as the skeletons & the goblins. I usually put the X-Bow between the crown tower or behind the defense tower. As long as the X-Bow is under protection it still is able to strike downland enemy troops from far, which your enemy can’t do anything about it.


Use as an offensive mechanism:



Now, I’m going to explain how the X-Bow can destroy a tower single-handedly. You can use the card offensively by using its range to your advantage. This strategy can make a fool out of your enemy. Keep in mind that Tower has only 8.5 tile range while the X-Bow has 11.5 tile range. All you have to do is deploy this X-Bow card in the perfect place so, it can out-range the tower and destroy it with no much of an effort whatsoever. You can deploy some troops to protect or divert the enemy’s attempt in interrupting your X-Bow.

Well, that is how you use the X-Bow properly. But, now is the one that you might want to know, too. I’m going to show you how to counter this card. Yes! Every card in the game will always a weakness and can be countered all the time.



Ultimate XBow Clash-Royale-Kingdom



You can use the rocket to blow most of the X-Bow health. This card is the efficient and effective card to go against the X-Bow. Since it can dismiss most of its health, the X-Bow will be left to assault the base with only a few shots. And! If you place the rocket just right, you can wipe the protector of the X-Bow, too.


Air Troops

Ultimate XBow Clash-Royale-Kingdom



Yes, this one is the most reliable card to counter the X-Bow. Air troops such as the minions with its type and the dragons with its type is just a nice play to destroy the X-Bow. Since the X-Bow takes 3.5 seconds to deploy and it can’t target air troops you can use the troops to counter-attack them by giving some support right after the X-Bow is destroyed.




A zap to the X-Bow is just a clever way to make it re-target the prior target. I use this one most of the time to deal with the X-Bow users. Because my deck is capable of doing counter attacks. So, if you want to counter-attack a player that uses the X-Bow you might want to zap it. Land your tank and damage dealers and then, give the X-Bow a zap so, it will target your tank while you’re moving forward, your damage dealers can wipe the X-Bow and its protector.

That’s all from me folks! Don’t forget to share it with another player! And if you have some ideas about X-Bow you can fill in the comment. I’m verd and peace out!