Another way to cover the x-bow, Dr. Ice and Dr. Electro ready to cover everything. Two Elements for X-bow 

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In today’s article, we will discuss about the use of a deck utilizing electro wizard and ice wizard to cover the x-bow. In previous article, I told you so many times that ice wizard is a very excellent card to protect the siege building like mortar and x-bow. He is good because he will slow down the enemy in every movement, and that gives more time for the siege building to shoot more and more.

Besides, we will include the electro wizard as well. Electro works similarly with the ice wizard. Giving its zap stun to slow the enemy is necessary in protecting siege building like x-bow.

These wizards are valuable assets for our defense. Both have reliable HP and fantastic abilities. Electro’s arrival damage will be like a zap that will kill all swarmy. Even by his arrival he already being handful.

Alright folks, before we discuss any further, let see what we have in the deck.

Deck matchups


Average elixir cost : 3.9

Play This Deck

As you can see that we have wizard included here. However, we won’t play the regular wizard so often. This won’t be necessary if you have electro or ice wizard standing on the lane. We can use regular wizard if we really need splash dealer while we don’t have electro or ice ready on the list.

Besides x-bow, we still have another building card, bomb tower. This tower will always be in centre of your lane. Bomb tower will execute all incoming ground troops near the tower and x-bow. Bomb tower deals high area damage, so every ground troops will be no longer major problem here.


bomb tower to execute incoming ground units. Look at the position

The Defender

Air protection will be handled by the wizards and zap spell. We can use zap spell whenever we don’t have area dealers standing on battlefield. But that’s will be so rare for us to fight without area dealer. Just play your zap wisely and necessarily.


use zap in this condition. Zap the skeleton army for the sake of x-bow

In defending, we will have hundreds skeleton from skeleton army that will distract every incoming troops, except area dealer. Never launch the army to counter area dealer, you know why.

The last card we have is knight. This is considerably the best stopper card. Deploy the knight to hold the incoming troops for a while. Knight will be enemy’s target and protecting the tower. Meanwhile we can send one of the wizards to deal with those incoming troops.


use knight to hold the enemy while other troops deal with them

Since we play with x-bow, I think that’d better if we include stopper card; knight. Let the knight to stand in front of the x-bow and be enemy’s target in order to protect the x-bow.

Countering with x-bow. When?

Talking about countering, x-bow is our primary counter card. The question might be “when” to deploy the x-bow. Nah, the perfect timing for this is after you defend. Never counter first with x-bow. Bait the enemy to deploy card first. Send the knight to run this operation. Knight will come to the enemy’s lane and force the enemy to deploy their defense. Nah, here the enemy will probably initiate counter attack. You defend the lane with electro or ice wizard first. Go defensively with the rest of the cards except x-bow.

So far, we don’t deploy the x-bow yet. Right after the electro and ice wizard finish defending the lane, deploy x-bow.

The best deployment place for x-bow is one tiles before the bridge. But you really need to make sure its range. Don’t deploy x-bow too far from the bridge because it won’t hit the tower.

Once you have x-bow standing on the ground, deploy the electro or ice wizard or knight. These troops will protect the x-bow from the enemy’s troops. Your enemy won’t let free the x-bow, they must send some troops to shut the machine.


x-bow after defend with ice wizard

Ice wizard and x-bow

Match the ice wizard and the x-bow is a smart decision. This will create a mutual work. In one hand, the ice will slow the enemy who dares to come for the x-bow. At the same time, ice wizard makes the x-bow to live longer and enable the machine to keep shooting. Use ice to hold the enemy.


ice wizard is on duty, protecting the x-bow by slowing down Valkyrie.

Counter with electro and ice wizard

Since we have a powerful deck full of wizards, we can fully utilize its function to go countering. This time, we should build up countering form defending first. Defend the lane with electro and ice. After defending, we can send the knight to be the tiny tanker for wizards. Use distraction as well, skeleton army. The swarmy will be hard distraction for the enemy and those skeletons will be enemy’s target while the countering troops are on the way closer to the tower.

Whenever you have both wizards arrive at the enemy’s tower, electro will stun the tower and never let the tower to shoot. Meanwhile, the ice will deal small amount of damage and freeze the tower too. The tower equals to dead building because it can’t shoot. Look the GIF bellow, the tower can’t do nothing. 


Alright everyone, do you like electro and ice combination? There you have it. From now on, you can combine 3 wizards to create mutual counter and defend. If you have any better ideas or suggestion please feel free to leave your comment down below and please correct me if I miss something.

See you again soon in another useful article. Have a nice weekend!