Hello Tuesday people! Good to see you again today. A very nice whether out there and I’m so excited to start today’s work. In today’s article we will go troll folks. This is super fun troll technique using Furnace and Bowler as primary cards. We will have more and more furnace because of mirror card.

In addition, our primary counter cards are only bowler and goblin barrel. This is cheap deck I would say and the purpose of doing this strategy is to troll the enemy. Although trolling, this deck is considerably strong too. Flying machine adds extra damage by shooting from distance. And whatever troops interrupting the machine will be burn in a sec by the fire spirits.

So, the basic strategy is to mirror the furnace only. Always have 2 furnaces on your lane to make sure that your defense is strong. Don’t mirror other cards beside furnace okay.

Next thing we will do is to cycling rocket. Yes, we can set rocket as primary card too. Cycling rocket with mirror card on the late game might be a good decision too.

Alright, before we discuss further, let’s see what we have in the deck.

Deck matchups


Average elixir cost : 3.6

Play This Deck

As you can see that we have some troops that specifically we use to handle defense. Although trolling, we should still have plans in any countering and defending.

And all of our cards are considerably defensive cards if you notice. The countering cards are only goblin barrel and rocket. However, as I said earlier that we will counter with bowler and barrel.

How to start the troll?

Well, when the battle begins, wait till you have a furnace card and mirror card ready. Due to same deployment timing, we need to build 2 furnaces at the same time.

2 furnaces will spawns 4 fire spirits in every several seconds. 3 or 2 spirits will connect to the tower and burn it a little damage. Not significant but this is what we should do.

And the best placement of the furnace is to place them in one side, don’t separate the furnace. So, we may have 4 spirits coming out in one side. one furnace only wouldn’t be problem, but 2 will exhaust the enemy so bad.

One thing you should understand, furnace deployment time. We should deploy the first furnace when we already have mirror card ready. Wait till you reach above 9 elixirs. Afterwards, deploy the first furnace on the centre of your lane. Then, immediately deploy the second furnace on the corner behind your princess tower. The incoming spirits will make a row consisting 4 spirits ready to burn anything in front.


furnace deployment place

Double-sided counter

Now we can start countering with bowler and goblin barrel. Deploy the bowler first on the opposite lane from where you build the furnace.

Before you deploy bowler, make sure that you have above 8 elixirs. Due to immediate barrel launch next after. So, once the bowler be the enemy tower’s target, throw the barrel to the tower on where bowler heads.


Throwing barrel on where the furnace heads might be good too

There’s another strategy we can run. Once you have 2 furnaces on the opposite lane, the enemy won’t counter on that lane. Your enemy will attack the lane without furnaces. Nah, here we prepare the best defense and sure this defense strategy is hard. Go defensively with goblin gang and flying machine.


defensive flying machine, shoot from far distance

No matter what enemy sends, send the gang on the centre of your lane for distraction. Once they get distracted, deploy the machine to handle those incoming troops.

And if the enemy counters with tanker, wizards, elite barbarians, or any area dealer, we send bowler. Bowler will play so defensive in this moment. While the bowler be the enemy target, the machine and gang will handle them.


bowler and flying machine on defense

We can set extra defense with the log. Use the log if you think the dangerous troops are near. The log will push away the enemy while the bowler keeps pushing.


Or else, you can deploy the furnace as distraction building. Besides, the furnace will keep spawning fire spirits and ready to burn anything.

Lastly, we have rocket to counter heavy tanker like golem, lava, three musketeers. Rocket is also a good option to disengage massive counter with tanker and swarmy.



Very well folks, here we play a seemingly defensive deck but it turns out that this could be a breakneck in countering too. Experts say excellent counter roots from strong defense. That’s what we do here. All of our countering comes from defensive playing of the cards first.

I hope you enjoy this troll article and see you again soon in another useful or troll article. Please feel free to leave your comments or ideas in comment section below. Don’t hesitate to question me anything you don’t know. And if you want me to review specific deck or cards strategies let me know.

Have fun! See you on battlefield!