Hey Clashers, JohnnyBoy is here again and when I woke up this morning I got so excited because today is the first day of Triple Elixir Challenge. And I’ve been formulating 5 best decks for you to use in the challenge. I believe there are so many players who’d bring expensive troops and make use of faster elixir recharge in 3x elixir. This challenge is also one of waited challenge in Clash Royale I believe, the game would be so much fun and there are so many shocking tactics that players would use. So, should you play with expensive or cheap elixir cards? Welcome to 5 best Triple Elixir Challenge Decks! 


Alright, I’ll fit you up by giving you credible tactics of the deck matchups. There would be 5 decks along with brief explanations of how to use it. Be ready boys!

Deck 1


Average elixir cost : 3.5

Play This Deck

Alright, the first deck that I recommend is a Giant deck consisting Night Witch and Miner. There are 3 legendary which I think vital in this deck and you can’t replace it. However, if you don’t have Ice Wizard, you can replace it with Wizard or Electro Wizard. The use of Ice wizard is important for defense due to its great passive ability.

giant-card-clash-royale-kingdomnight witch card-clash-royale-kingdom

There are Giant and Night Witch in counter line ups. Followed by Miner as another damage giver that we send once Giant be enemy’s target. That’s important for us to cover Night Witch by a tanker, and in this deck the tanker is Giant.

To run the countering with Giant Night Witch, you need to deploy Giant beside Princess tower if you have Night Witch ready on the list. After Giant launched, deploy Night Witch behind the Giant.

We have Zap included here, so use it whenever the enemy deploys Skeleton Army or other swarmy troops. Without waiting too long, send Bats to follow other strikers. It seems like Bats would be many and they are our strikers. Sending Baby Dragon instead of Bats to follow other strikers might be a clever move too. So you choose one, either Bats or Baby Dragon.

non-stop counter with Miner. Welcome to 3x elixir!

After you go on countering, focus on defense. In defense, I highly recommend you to bring Inferno Tower because there are so many players who’d bring Pekka, Golem, Lava, and Mega Knight. By having Inferno Tower, your defense will get strengthened and you might only need to deploy Ice Wizard, Baby Dragon, and Night Witch to deal more damage on the supports following the heavy troops.

Although we have Night Witch on the countering, we need to play her in defense too. She is an incredible troop for defense and I believe you agree with me for this. Card rotation will be faster in 3x elixir and I believe you’d have Night Witch ready on the list. Deploy Ice Wizard first before other defenders.

And for the Miner, I mostly use him to lead the survived defenders. So, after Ice Wizard and Baby Dragon defend the lane, they will continue counter attack with their remaining HP. We utilize their lifespan by sending Miner to be enemy’s target and hopefully, the survived defenders will have some hits on the tower.

Deck 2


Average elixir cost : 4.4

Play This Deck

In this deck, Golem and Sparky is our primary counter card. These are expensive and that’s what we are looking for. That would be interesting for us to play expensive troops as it is Goblins or Skeletons, cheap guys. In 3x elixir, the whole game would change and you can play the expensive deck like this easily. You don’t even need to wait too long to deploy counter or defense troops because faster elixir recharge.


In countering, you need to deploy Golem beside princess tower. Then, continue deploy Sparky behind Golem. Here, we have sparky and that’s mean we need to send area support to cover both Sparky and Golem in countering. So, deploy Valkyrie in between 2 of them. Valkyrie is a must when you have Sparky on countering. Also, I suggest you not to replace Valkyrie with any other area troops. Valkyrie is a good area dealer in short range. And all we need here is short range area dealer to be in the middle of Golem and Sparky for area cover.

As usual, I mostly bring Arrows to arm the counter line. Although we have area dealer, I believe we still need one destructive spell. And I use Arrows to counter Minion Horde or any other air units. This is necessary because we don’t have any air area dealer. Or else, you can replace Arrows with Baby Dragon. You’ll get better protection for Sparky and Golem, but you can’t deploy it spontaneously.

One word to describe this “Fantastic”

In defending, we have Princess as the no.1 defender. If you don’t have Princess, you can replace it with Wizard or Executioner. Besides, we still need Valkyrie to be a damage receiver. Then, Inferno Tower will burst its fire laser on each incoming troop, especially tanker. The support behind the tanker would be handled by Princess and Valkyrie.

Play the Skeleton Army if you fight against single targeting troops like Pekka. So, if there are Pekka or Prince followed by support, you deploy Inferno Tower on the middle first. Then, send the Army to distract them.

There’s another tactic we can do using Goblin Barrel. So, we send the Barrel to join Golem counter line up. Barrel will annoy the enemy and this is also our spell bait for Princess.

Deck 3


Average elixir cost : 4.1

Play This Deck

Lavaloon Deck is one of players favourite. This deck is considerably expensive, but since we are in 3x elixir, I recommend you to play with this refined Lavaloon deck.


The countering would be focus on Lava Hound and Balloon. However, in this deck, I prepare plan B in case the enemy can destroy our Balloon first. There are some players out there who master Lavaloon counter and they can easily shut the Balloon first somehow. Meanwhile, the lava will still alive. We don’t waste the Lava Hound to counter alone. Instead we will send Goblin Barrel and Princess to be the next dealer replacing Balloon. 

To run this counter, send Lava Hound right at the corner of your lane. Then, go on with the Balloon once your elixir recharged. Make sure Balloon is behind the Lava and not the way around. At this moment, you have primary counter already. Next move, send the Princess when Lava and Balloon enter enemy territory.

Once Lavaloon cross the bridge, deploy Goblin Barrel on the tower where Lavaloon head to. Here, Goblin Barrel would have big chance because the enemy must deploy hybrid or air troop to handle the Balloon. And the Barrel will have more and more hit on the tower.

Refined Lavaloon Deck for 3x elixir

In defending, we will rely on Tombstone, Bats, and Minion Horde. No matter what comes, bring them first to the center facing the Tombstone. After they get distracted, deploy Executioner first. The axe man has reliable HP and we can set him as a damage receiver.

Other defender is Minion Horde and Bats. If you face heavy ground troops, Horde will win the battle. However, we should check whether enemy bring Arrows or not. So, don’t send Horde together with Bats.

We better have Princess as well. But, you deploy Princess on safe place. Meaning, don’t place her in parallel with Horde and Tombstone. By having Princess on the opposite side, we won’t lose both Princess and Horde by one Arrows death.

Deck 4


Average elixir cost : 4.4

Play This Deck

The next deck is Three Musketeer deck. We will combine Three Musketeer with Mini Pekka and Battle Ram in countering. The counter strategy will be so easy. Send Mini Pekka behind crown tower. And once Mini Pekka cross the bridge, send Battle Ram behind Mini Pekka. Here, we count on Mini Pekka to be a damage receiver for Ram. Also, we support the counter by preparing the Zap. This one is a must, to kill swarmy that tries to shut the Ram.


The massive counter is to join both Mini Pekka and Ram with Three Musketeers. To run this, send the Three Musketeers first behind the crown tower. Then, deploy Mini Pekka to be in front of Three Musketeers. Right after both counter line ups sent to enemy’s territory, deploy Battle Ram to strengthen and add more damage on our counter.

Complete the Ram action with Zap spell. But, you should also prepare Arrows in case the enemy brings more than one swarmy. Use Arrows too for both counter and defense against swarmy, especially Minion Horde.

Playing Three Musketeers and Ram would feel like you play cheap elixir troop. This is 3x elixir!

Next, we have Inferno Tower which suits the deck perfectly, then I also recommend you to bring the Tower. For defenders, we have Knight as the leading actor of all defenders. He will be a damage receiver for other defenders. And we can send Minion Horde or Mini Pekka to deal great damage on enemy while they target on Knight.

Deck 5

Average elixir cost : 4.3

Play This Deck

Pekka deck would be so strong in 3x elixir. It is because we will have extra support and enable to send more support in case there are any dead support. Our focus here is to counter with Pekka, Witch, Inferno Dragon. Pekka Witch combo is common among players. Although this is classic combo, we still can use it to win the battle. This is no worse than previous deck I gave you above.

PEKKA card-Clash-Royale-Kingdomwitch-card-clash-royale-kingdom

So, in countering, we will send Pekka first behind the crown tower. Then, send the Witch to follow Pekka. After the classic combo enter the enemy territory, we leash the Inferno Dragon. This is the massive counter of this deck. And since we are in 3x elixir, we can run massive counter in every counter since the beginning of the battle. We have 2 crazy damage dealers; Pekka and Inferno Dragon. And these two join together equals to massacre.

Quick counter with Pekka Witch and Inferno Dragon

You can use Pekka as well for defense. This would be our stopper card. Pekka is tanky and has great damage. Other troops that we use for defense are Archers, Horde, and Skeleton Army. Play with these defensive cards with Witch combination might create solid defense line ups.

If you fight against heavy tanker like Golem, Pekka, Giant, or Lava, you can send the Inferno Dragon. It is best anti-tanker troop in Clash Royale.

Here also, you have 2 destructive spells; Arrows and Fireball. These two are recommended to support Pekka in countering. Although we have Witch as area cover, somehow, we still need more spells for cover both Pekka and Witch. Besides their function as counter support, we can play them for defense as well. Don’t hesitate to deploy Fireball and Arrows if you really need support for other defenders. You have so much faster elixir recharge. 

Extra Tips


Oh, this is also important. Playing with Rocket is recommended in 3x elixir guys. So, you can replace non-vital troop with Rocket and Tornado. These two are perfect crowd control. You’ll find so many troops on the field in 3x elixir. And these 2 are perfect crowd control. So, from each decks given below, you can change two of cards from each deck to be replaced with Rocket or Tornado.


Alright, there you have recommended deck for 3x elixir challenge. What do you think about our recommendation? 3x Elixir means we will have elixir recharge in express. Every counter with expensive cards is possible. Trust me, you follow the steps I gave you and you’ll thank me later.

Let me know what you guys think by leaving your ideas and opinions down bellow in comment section. These superb tactics and deck matchups are special for you. Hope you like our list and good luck!

See you on the challenge!