Hell o again beautiful people all over the world! How’s your mood today? Good? Don’t be so moody, you know things around you will not as great as you hope, but keep that smile on your face! Your ex loves it!


Okay, enough. Your not so favorite uncle is here and I as always have the newest update for you all my young champs. Today I have figured out that certain features of the Tournaments that have been launched will be updated. And here are things that you should know more

The game increases the maximum number of players that can join the smaller tournaments. To be relevant with that, the Tournament Chests will be stretched out a bit that means some of the lower chest sizes will be smaller, but more people will be able to win the chests. So, in the end there will be more cards in the tournament prize pool in total.

For your further information, most of the Tournament Chests contain low numbers of cards because the game designed them to give the players a higher chance to get the epic and legendary cards. The detail changes that will happen are:

500 Gem Tournament

• Capacity increased to 100 players (from 50)

• Top 40 win a Tournament Chest (from 20)


1,000 Gem Tournament:

• Capacity increased to 150 players (from 80)

• Top 70 win a Tournament Chest (from 40)


2,000 Gem Tournament:

• Capacity increased to 200 players (from 120)

• Top 90 win a Tournament Chest (from 60)


5,000 Gem Tournament:

• Capacity increased to 250 players (from 200)

• Top 100 win a Tournament Chest (stays the same)

Other than those above, the game will reduce the chest timers for 4 12 chests down to 3 hours from the previous 4 hours. Also, the tournament capacity change will not affect the ongoing tournaments, but the chest changes will.

Finally, all of the tournaments will be paused during the maintenance breaks. The Supercell said that they are working on some cool and great ideas to add to the game. So. stay tuned for the next updates.

Okay champs, make sure you put your opinion all about the game in the comment section below

I’m signing out, ciao!