Hey what’s up everybody, how are you doing? Hope everybody is all good. You are with me the wasted uncle here and as usual, I’m here to present you the newest update in the Clash Royale community. 


Today, the Supercell has announced some changes for the Tournament Rules and here are the rules that you should know before entering the tournaments

There will be cap to make every player is on the same par in battling in the arena. The cap is


The Supercell also has provided why there are cap in the Tournament Rules

– The game believes it takes time to gain the necessary knowledge to compete in a tournament at the least, either unlocking or playing against every card in the game
– The game thinks experienced and skillful players are the most fun to compete with, and the most entertaining to watch
– The game want people to have an awesome incentive to collect and upgrade their cards.

Basically, the Supercell doesn’t want to lower the cards’ strength that’s why in Tournament Rules all of the cards will be balance in overall. The improving Tournament itself will look as follow

To help the players get to the Tournament Rules more quickly get to the Tournament Rules, it is also considering that the Supercell has a plan to increase the levels in the next update. So the Supercell like two cool new things at once.

The First, the rewards inside every Crown Chest will be doubled! This will make the Crown Chest is twice worth to try. Second is the card donation and request system will be changed so it will improve as you reach higher arenas. For example, in the Royal Arena you’ll be able to request 30 Common Cards or 3 Rare Cards at one time.

okay that’s all for the newest update for you today, make sure you check all the improvements

I’m signing out here for now, sayonara