Keep your head up and be ready for touchdown. Touchdown is an exciting and unique gameplay for you who like rugby game where the players compete to make a touchdown to the enemy line first. Who’s first is the winner. The game is pretty much easy, and we don’t need some specific strategies or whatsoever to win the battle. All we need is to pick the cards which have speed movement, stoppers to defend, building targeting, and most importantly, building cards. We have a chance to pick the cards in the draft pick. Yup, touchdown game allows us to select the cards and if possible, we better not choose tankers. Tankers are not recommended because depending on our analysis, it’s just waste of elixir and most noteworthy, they are slow. Hence, we will explicate the tips and a very simple strategy to win the touchdown competition later on.


Most of all, all you need to know about touchdown is here! Therefore, we will play the rugby game here. The field will be divided into five rows of which each row has a different purpose.


Each player has two rows as open territory on where the troops will be landed. The first row is the territory of the touchdown. So, later the players will create a secure defense in this area and if the enemy successfully enters this row, they will win. The first row or touchdown territory is the row with the different color, and there are four tiny flags on each corner. Let’s say this crown is the crown territory and no troops supposed to enter this area.

Touch it… touch the line!


It’s not touching, though. The second row is another territory with bigger open space. In this area, players will play defensively and try as much as possible to stop any troops before they enter the touchdown territory on the first row.


The third row is the biggest open territory where the great battle will happen. Players are not able to deploy the troops in this territory; generally speaking, this is the restricted area for deployment. The deployment areas are in the first and the second row only. Remember guys, and touchdown gameplay is unlike regular gameplay where we don’t have the crown tower and princess towers on the sides. The game flow is pretty much similar; we have something to protect. While the regular gameplay has the three towers, in touchdown battle we have the first row that we need to protect.

Go… go… go!

Before the competition begins, we should pick the cards in the draft pick. Each player will be given one minute to choose the cards. We have some tips for you to select the cards and should you check the articles for detail information.

This game is 2v2 gameplay, and each teammate will have four options draft picks.

The gameplay will be divided into three rounds. Each team will get the first crown by winning the first round by making a touchdown. Same thing happens with the next round. This is another similarity with the regular gameplay; we have the crown to get. We have three towers as we have three rounds to get. If one team only win one touchdown in estimated time (three minutes), that team will win the battle with one crown victory. And if there is no touchdown at all in three minutes, the game is the draw. Hence, in touchdown battle, which occurs in three minutes gameplay, there will be 2x elixir time which is the same as the regular battle.

Before we go on, we’re going to kill the ref. gobs!!

There is no arena battle here, and all players will play in one arena only. Seems like, the arena battle itself is relatively unique and looked festive. There will be giant, barbarians, archers, goblins, and some other troops seating on the audience seats. The festive atmosphere is added by the victorious fireworks to celebrate one team for making one touchdown. As a result, there will also be the audiences cheered when the battle is done. This remarkable momentum battle event is so much fun, looked festive, cheering, and pretty much enjoyable. Stay on and join the event!