Morning again you beautiful people all around the world! It’s just 3 weeks away from the New Year! Who’s excited?


I’m saying it too early, right? Haha sorry, mate. New year is still quite far away, but you can think your resolution right now tho. Getting a new card maybe? Who knows

Yeah back again with me the uncle, and I am here again to continue the series of the Kingdom’s file

Whoops, stay away from it! Yeah stay away or you’ll lose yourself in the chaos. I’m not kidding don’t ever be near it because the card that we will talk about is called the TORNADO!


Just like a Tornado in the real life (well, I never experienced being in a tornado tho), the card will absorb everything near it. Oh now I remember that Twister movie, Helen Hunt was my crush.



Ya, when you deploy the Tornado card, then it will have some sort of range when they can pull everything near it.

Not pulling a building though, but it can pull all of the troops near it to the area where you deploy the Tornado.

The tornado itself is categorized as an epic spell where you will need to spend 3 of your elixir to deploy it on a battlefield

Pulling Everything

By pulling your enemy’s troops into it then it can slow down every troop that want to reach your defence line. This card could be very effective when your tower is on attacked by many troops.  The Tornado will pull them up and prevent your tower to be destroyed.

Not only absorbing the enemies into it, the Tornado card could also weaken your enemy’s troops hitpoints or somehow kill them.

The Tornado can kill the Skeleton Army for example when they trapped into it and also weaken the minions until they are dying.


Pulling the marching troops

Not only the minions, the other stronger troops like tank cards or air-based troops like Inferno Dragon will be weakened but not certainly kill them. This could be effective Oh it reminds me of Bermuda Triangle.

To use the Tornado to prevent the dangerous cards achieve your tower would be so effective as it can absorb the dangerous cards like the Hog Rider or the Balloon.


Pull the Balloon while killing it

To pull all of the troops that creating pushing using the tornado can make all of your enemy troops into a certain area, makes it perfect and easier to target by your troops to attack them all at once. You can use the fireball or the rocket to punch them all at once.


Smash them at once

But you have to be wise in using the Tornado. Don’t let yourself use the card unwisely by making your enemy’s troops, on the contrary, making themselves quicker to reach your line.

What I mean is, when your enemy’s troops are marching in into your line, don’t deploy the Tornado in front of them as the spell card will absorb them and bring them to your defence line instead. Sounds funny but be careful.

The other weakness of the Tornado is when it is pulling the troops of your opponent, the troops will still have the power to attack your troops.

For example, if the Tornado is pulling a musketeer or a baby dragon then they still can launch their attack on your troops even when they are being absorbed into the Tornado.  


For spending relatively low elixir with only spend 3, I think this card could make a space on your deck since the spell card can offer you a very beneficial addition.

As usual, you can add your opinion on the card here in the Kingdom’s file if you guys also have more or better tips and tricks in using the card then feel free to express it all in the comment section down below.

Me signing out, have a blissful day my friend. Cheers!