This is the refined version of the top Mega Knight deck Clash Royale. Let’s see how strong this top Mega Knight deck new meta if combined with Princess. Bandit and Night Witch legendary card will increase the power of the deck and support the strongest legendary card Mega Knight excellently.


Hey there, it’s me JohnnyBoy and today we will look for the top Mega Knight deck new meta. Additionally, we will see what cards which will perfectly support Mega Knight. Alright, this is the deck.

Top Mega Knight deck new meta


Average elixir cost : 3.8

Play This Deck


As you can see, we will have Mega Knight and Bandit as damage dealers. I often use Bandit to lead the counter push with the survived defenders. Just deploy Bandit in front of your survived defenders, deploy on the bridge.


And about Mega Knight, this is the strongest troop in this Mega Knight deck. And you can deploy him for both defending and countering. Mega Knight will get stronger if you combine him with Night Witch.

night witch card-clash-royale-kingdom

Night Witch is the primary defender in this Mega Knight as well as the main support card. As we all know, Night Witch is so powerful if we cover her with high HP troops. And in this case, we will put her behind Mega Knight.


Lumberjack is the fastest card in this Mega Knight deck. I often use him to defend the lane against any melee. In most cases, I also play him as bridge spam troop similar to Bandit.

princess card-Clash-Royale-Kingdom

Princess is the only one area damage dealer in this deck. She performs excellently in bridge spam counter archetype to bait the enemy counters first. Other than that, use Princess as the last card that you deploy to cover the attackers.


Dart Goblin is the ranger which I use mostly for defense. Rather than using Princess to defend, we can use Dart Goblin if Princess card doesn’t appear in the card list. Dart Goblin is also cheap card which we can set as helper for defenders.

the log-card-clash-royale-kingdompoison-card-clash-royale-kingdom

The Log and Poison are 2 spells which I highly recommend you to choose. Use Poison to increase damage on attackers or defenders. It deals with area damage and so you can burn the tower and enemy’s troops at the same time.

For the Log, I use it to kill any ground swarm that attack our lane. if you play this deck, you’ll likely to find enemy with Princess or any bridge spam troops. Use the Log to kill those bridge spam troops.

Benefits of the Log

How to play this Top Mega Knight deck?

The point of playing this deck is to have a strong defense. After defending, add any cards to make harder counter push.

As defenders, you can flexibly use any cards for defending. Just make sure that you don’t lose the defense by picking up the suitable troops to defend against enemy’s attackers.

Since our victory depends on counter push, it would be better if you have more than one defenders. So, after finishing defense, you’ll have many troops ready to attack.


Defend with more than one troop

Although Mega Knight is mainly counter troop, you can use him for defense too. If there are more than one troops coming to your lane, you can deploy Mega Knight right on where they stand.


Right on position like this

Here, you utilize his spawn damage to reduce any incoming troops. Better if you do this once the enemy enters our territory so our tower will help too.

Insane spawn damage! 

And if you defend with Mega Knight using this way (utilizing spawn damage), Mega Knight will win the battle on the bridge. And when he goes countering, send Princess to support Mega Knight.


After spawn damage success, send Princess

You can also defend with Bandit. Here, I highly recommend you to utilize her dash damage. So, if there are melee troop come to your lane, deploy Bandit on close distance in order to enable the dash preparation. Once Bandit dashes on the troop, she will harm the HP so badly.

Bandit survives from defense and continue counter attack

Whenever you go on bridge spam counter archetype, make sure that you have above 5 elixir. And the perfect troops for bridge spam are Lumberjack, Bandit, Princess, and Dart Goblin.

Do the bridge spam with one troop only so you won’t be running out of defenders. And if you want better result, you can combine one bridge spam troops with Princess.

Here, I highly recommend you to combine Bandit and Princess. Lumberjack costs 4 elixir, and I think it’s not good to spend 7 elixir of combination troops only for bridge spam. Just go with Bandit and Princess.

Use Poison to burn the troops and tower at once. To do this, you should wait till the enemy’s troops are going to the tower, then once they are near the tower, deploy Poison.

Poison is good, Poison + the Log is better


There you are, that’s the brief explanation about how to play this deck. Remember, our victory depends on how strong the defense is. Additionally, it depends on how excellent you play the bridge spam archetype.

I wish you the very best result, Good luck my friends!