What’s up champ! Verd’s back with some tips you can use to help you to be a better player in clashing. Here are 5 cards which most players find them useless and rarely include in their game plan.



Bomb Tower

This defensive building is rather tanky in health and lengthy in the lifetime. The building can be a nightmare to any land troops who’s come to its radar. Since new cards are releasing, the bomb tower becomes oblivion. In the current meta, the card has thrown under the shadow of other cards like, Inferno Tower and combos such as Exonado, which perform the same task but are rather more effective. Well, Bomb Tower is useless when it meets LavaLoon decks. Now, you can see the reasons all too clear for it’s underrating. All the card needs are just an improvement.



tesla card-clash-royale-kingdom

This card also has got under the shadow of inferno tower since it’s more efficient to kill tanks. In spite of the ability to hide under the ground, the lifetime is not so lengthy. And! some player might use it as a distraction, still, cannon works the best since the cost is one less different. The sad part is where supercell doesn’t want to upgrade any tesla’s capability. So, the card can be more competitive, especially in challenge mode. This one is just another underrated defensive building.


Spear Goblin

Top 5 Underrated Cards

Throw it to it! Throw it throw it!

At the beginning of the game usually, this card is almost always included in players deck. Then, time to time they tend to replace it with archers. I think since the appearance of zap and log spear goblin is just vulnerable to it. On the other hand, archers can’t be zapped or logged or even arrowed.

For that reason, some players consider the card is just useless in the current update. The card is still useful as a distraction to kite some cards. That being said, goblin gang is more effective to use in the current meta, though.



I remember when all players in the world wait for this spell card to be released. Well, it turns out to be the worst spell in the arena. Even if it can sometimes work with tanks, the clones can be killed easily by any cards even skeletons. Since cloning troops are just stupidly useless, in this current update players, usually put rage or heal in the arena. Supercell has given the card buff about the speed, but still, it doesn’t cover the weakness which is the one-hit to the graveyard.


Double explosion Jitsu!


Giant Skeleton

A giant walking bone with a Helmet and a Bomb is just shocking. The giant dies leaving a terrific ticking bomb which explodes like hell. However, the card is rather cheaply countered. With just a knight the 6 elixirs will turn to dust which is why some players consider this card as an idiotic card to use in attacks. However, the explosion of the ticking bomb can give its user some time to recharge. Well, since he can clear any support troops behind a tank he is good. That being said, Valkyrie, Knight, and Exonado can do the same work as well, and it cost so much lesser. Supercell has done some buff to him in health and attack speed still, some players aren’t convinced just yet to trust him in the arena.

Well, that’s it from me guys! If you have some other card which you think need an improvement, share here with us. Enjoy!