Hello guys! I’m verd and I’m back with a top 8 cards for underleveled players. I come up with this list after I made a survey of every level 5-7 at 2000+ that I tried to fight in regular battle. I decided to make this list to help you guys who get frustrated with facing the higher leveled player. Some of these cards used are because they are simply good to face them.



Mega Minion



First of all, this card is the first on the list. Since it can stand against most spells, except Lightning or perhaps Rocket, it serves its purpose in whatever level it got. A good offensive and defensive mechanism and can fit in almost every deck archetype. Yet, almost everyone uses this card including underleveled players I found.


Lava Hound



I am a little bit strange with the reason why underleveled players use Lava Hound. Since the underleveled Lava Hound, when turns into the Lava Pups. Most noteworthy, zap will one-shot them, it’s just something I see useless. Well, something that I see about lava hound users is that they use the deck style really carefully.


Hog Rider



In spite of the fact that the card does not really possess any special capability which still, makes this card can serve in higher trophy as a low-level player. Hog Rider users have a very good sense of basic mindset, which will deliver them to a king level in the game.




Barbarian Hut



I see this card a lot in the game of undeleveled players. It can build such a distraction in creating a wall as the defensive line. It can even prevent a large push from passing through and makes your tower safe and sound. The level of the hut won’t really that matter, with the barbarians at any level can give crazy damage even chip though. It can run to the enemy’s tower and put your enemy in the defensive play.


Giant Skeleton



Yup, the worst tank in the game. Players that use this card understand that, so their main purpose with this card isn’t to get it to the tower, it’s more like a support troop. A popular combo is the giant skeleton hog rider. The Giant Skeleton with some support troops clears out most of your opponent’s defense, allowing your Hog Rider to sneak past to the tower.





X-Bow is such a good win condition that I’m surprised that not that many people use it. No matter its level, it does devastating amounts of damage to the enemy tower. It requires great skill to predict your opponent’s next move, making a skilled but underleveled player the perfect candidate for this card. Players will not expect this card to pop out, adding a surprise element to your play.





Here’s another high skill high reward card that doesn’t depend on levels. If you defend with lots of positive elixir trades, sit back and watch your rocket decimate the opponent’s tower. Can also use to destroy support troops no matter the level.


Goblin Hut



The number one spot goes to… GOBLIN HUT! You heard me right, GOBLIN HUT! Literally, every underleveled player uses this card. It’s an amazing on defense to disrupt your opponent’s attack rhythm. It’s the least level dependent card in the game because unlike the Furnace, Spear Goblins always survive a tower hit for a chip damage. This card’s main gain from upgrading is its HP, and that’s not a very important part of it.


Honorable Mentions


Royal Giant






These two are just other considered cards, though. What do you think? Let me know in the comment column down below.

That was a bit of a short guide. If you are struggling with high card levels in your arena, consider using one of these cards. Have any other cards that you want to share?