Hello, Everyone! Lovely day to play royale all day. Welcome to the 4th page of the king’s letter to pass arena 4. Now, we’ve set our foot on the middle level of the game. You’ll meet legendary cards from now on as your chest reward. The king has ordered to make you prepare for some great wars to come. 


In this arena, you’ll get tesla, minion horde, inferno tower, hog, freeze, P.E.K.K.A and two legendary cards which are inferno dragon & lava hound. Some players ought to play in this arena for long so they can get the legendary cards. Well, it’s up to you, if you think it would help you fight better in the future.

Many players get stuck in this arena for they don’t understand how to beat the new cards. Never allow yourself to be on tilt and keep your focus on the game no matter how tough the situation is. We can always come back from the worst, never let it become the worst of the worst, anyway. Here is a video to sum up what we’re going to talk about.





These are some of the cards that most players find difficult to deal with.

Minion-Horde-Card-Clash-Royale-Kingdominferno-tower-card-clash-royale-kingdomhog_rider-clash-royale-kingdomPEKKA card-Clash-Royale-Kingdom

Minion horde, the five flying monster that quite annoying for our tanky troops. This flying thing can quickly wipe your land-target-only troops like the bomber, skeletons, huts, Valkyrie, goblins, knight, mini P.E.K.K.A even giant and giant skeleton. This one is highly effective in defending tower when it comes to facing a tank. When you see minion horde, never deploy bomber, skeletons & goblins. It’ll be wasted. Instead, use arrows and fireball to wipe them or put your rangers behind a tank or a tower.

This hot machine is a tank blower. It can easily kill a tank since its damage gradually gain. Almost every player uses this one, whenever they see a giant, giant skeleton, balloon, P.E.K.K.A & any other high health troops. There are some tricks to deal with this one. One, you can use numbered horde like, skeleton army, the goblins & the minions. It’ll make inferno busy and lose its advantage in increased damage. Two, you make it sooner disappear by using fireball or rocket. 

A chocolate beardy guy who can jump the river on a hog, and just dangerous to every building that closest to them. The hog is fast, and the rider is quite tanky. Still, doesn’t mean it’s immortal. If you see your enemy deploy a hog, you have to kill it first. Use numbered troops to do the job like minion horde & skeleton army. They can give hog rider a burst damage right away. Or! you can use boom spell like fireball. 

This armored monster is just truly frightening. The damage & the health are massive. Hard to kill but easy to stop. Yup! Don’t worry. Here’s how. If you see P.E.K.K.A on the field, don’t get panicked and deploy. Just wait for it to reach your area. You can kite this monster by deploying your troops behind it. It’ll go back to target your troops. You can also use air horde like minions. Lastly, use defensive building like Tesla, cannon & bomb tower. 



Baby dragon in a nice iron suit with fire breath is the one who always gives a real hard time. Some player sees this one as a walking inferno tower except, it flies. A blower which blows everything in its path. Don’t know how to deal with them? Sit back and relax. The inferno dragon will almost always win in 1 v 1 situation with any solo cards. But, we’re lucky that it targets one target at a time. So, you might want to consider giving them your numbered cards that can burst damage the iDragon. You can use minions, archers, and musketeers.

A hound that can fly and made of lava, this hot hound is seen as the most effective tank in the game to destroy the tower. If you set the wrong troops on the ground, it’ll be all over. Never rush in to deal with this one because it’ll have a backup or support behind it. And! Don’t forget, when the health’s gone it explodes into baby lava. The inferno tower is the most capable card to deal with this one. Still, you can use your rangers and minion horde.



– Use your best deck (The one you think the best for your play style)

Internet connection (Of course)

– Get away from panicking (Play with a cool head)

– Spend both Elixir and Gold Wisely

Happy trying guys! Hey, if you have another way of countering them share here, come on!