Hello Monday! Welcome to the last month of the year. This is the new beginning for us all and sure today shall be wonderful. How’s your day so far? Experts said that if you wanna improve you shall not settle. The sky is only your limit boys. JohnnyBoy’s here again ready to inspire your day with a new clash royale article. In today’s article, we are gonna talk about the use of a deck consisting three musketeers and giant as the main cards. This is gonna be another best trick to succeed your three musketeers. Some of you might hate three musketeers because there’re easy ways to kill these brave women; by rocket or fireball. Nevertheless, if we can manage cards production and rotation, the worst won’t happen.

Here, we will put musketeers behind giant as a heavy tanker. You might worry because of one death rocket gonna kill your three musketeers. Don’t be. Here we have another card which we use as a spell bait; minion horde. If we play three musketeers all we need to notice first is a card bait. That means, at least you should bring one card that is so dangerous and requires spell launch to kill. If we play minion horde at early game, we must see the enemy’s card, whether or not he/she brings rocket or fireball.

Alright boys, before we discuss the strategy in depth, let’s take a look first at the deck matchups

Deck matchups


Average elixir cost : 4.1

Play This Deck

Alright, so, if you find the enemy has rocket or fireball, just don’t play three musketeers so often. Play more on the minion horde. As you can see that we have ice golem and minion horde included. These 2 cards are our primary defense cards. However, the horde is quite flexible. We can use them to counter and defense. On defending, we can combine minion horde and ice golem together. Put the ice golem in front of the horde and let the ice dies first. Once he dies, the death effect will slow the enemy and that’s the moment when your horde will go brutal. You can play this defense combo if you don’t face to face with an area dealer at that moment.


let the ice breaks and horde kill freezing troops

Another defense card is tornado. This is the primary defense spell on this deck. I personally pick the tornado because we need it to overcome the air counter. Combining tornado, ice golem and horde will create a strong air defense. Tornado will gather every air units. Those troops will target and ice golem. While the horde keeps on dealing with them.


ice golem, bomber, and tornado excellently shut the elite horde

We also have a strong ground defense. Bomber and mini pekka are the primary ground defenders. Send mini pekka to specifically counter the single melee ground troops. And bomber to kill swarmy.

In most cases, I also combine bomber with giant. This is one of counter combo that we can run. It’s cheap, simple, and by doing it in early battle, we can figure out the enemy’s card.


giant after defending with bomber

Yes, giant and bomber is one of counter combos we run at the early battle. Then, when should you run three musketeers?

Three Musketeers, when?

Since we don’t bring elixir collector, we need to run three musketeers on 2x elixir only. This will let us to play three musketeers safely. Firstly, because you already know whether or not the enemy brings rocket or fireball. Secondly, we can send the muskets faster due to faster elixir recharge. By having faster elixir recharge, it means that we can run the three musketeers in immediate; aftershock counter.

So, in 2x elixir, you can test the enemy card once again in case they have the hidden eighth card. Play defensive three musketeers will be a wise choice. This time, the enemy shall rocket on our three musketeers if they want to survive the countering line. If they really have rocket then we continue defending by utilizing minion horde.


defensive musketeers first

If you’ve read my previous article which talks about how to play three musketeers without getting rocket, you might understand about the card rotation. Here, we notice how the enemy’s card. Means, you count on the card and if they rocket on three musketeers, they’ve already spent 6 elixir. At the moment after the rocket, you will have more elixir available than your enemy, right? Nah, here you can immediately launch minion horde on the bridge. The enemy must be shocked by the minion horde on the bridge. So, once you see rocket head on three musketeers, launch horde on the bridge without any delay.

Before you doing this, you should notice whether or not enemy has arrows. If they have arrows, go with the giant bomber instead. Don’t launch minion horde this way if your enemy has arrows.

Ice golem mini pekka

This is another counter combo you can run in case the enemy has rocket, fireball, arrows, or lightning. Those spells will be so dangerous for your three musketeers and minion horde. Therefore, we have a safer way to run it.   

So, if the enemy has rocket, you play three musketeers only for defensive. You can expect the three musketeers to go counter attack but don’t expect too much. I suggest you to play defensive musketeers and counter with mini pekka ice golem instead.


mini pekka behind ice golem. Do this if your musketeers survive

Try this

I have one secret strategy to test the musketeers. Here, we actually meant to play defensive musketeers. But if it succeeds, three of them will come forward to the enemy land and shoot unstoppably.

So, deploy giant first behind the crown tower. Then, wait till the elixir recharges and once it reaches 9 bars, deploy three musketeers behind giant. This is considerably defensive because this combo will shut the incoming enemy. However, it can be your root to counter attack.

If the enemy really rocket our three musketeers, send mini pekka immediately on the bridge. It’s okay if you send it to counter in solo action. Just prepare the zap in case the enemy has skeleton army ready. Here, mini pekka will have a big chance to connect to the tower and make some hits.

Full of risk

Playing with three musketeers might require you to have a great courage to play it. That is because you’ll have 50:50 chance of succeed. If you play this deck and the enemy doesn’t have rocket fireball or lightning, you’ll dominate the game and great chance to success.

Remember, if the enemy doesn’t have 3 deadly spells I mentioned above, play the giant musketeers combo.



Very well, what do you think about this strategy? Now, you have a further knowledge of how to prevent one rocket death on three musketeers. Also, I gave you another alternative counter card that you should bring. Play with musketeers requires you high determination and courage. Once the enemy fails to counter this or doesn’t have rocket, nothing could your three musketeers.

If you guys like this article please leave your comment and tell me why. And if you don’t like it, please feel free to leave your comment and tell me the better strategy.

Have a fabulous day. See you on battlefield!