Hello guys! So sleepy this morning. I think it is all because of this morning rain. I am crying now to leave my lovely bed.


I am back again here since missing for three days maybe. So, to start my day I will continue our lovely series of Kingdom’s file.  To remember you about the series

In the Kingdom’s file, is the place where we will discuss a particular card where we will give our opinion and tips n tricks on the card and you guys also can add yours.

So, for today’s series, the card that we will talk about is the card that I think one of the most popular cards un the game. They are very familiar to me anyway. So, the card that we will discuss right now is called the Three Musketeers!


Of course, you have listened to the legend of three musketeers. But it is different here in the Clash Royale since the three musketeers will be looked like 3 beautiful girls.

The appearance of the three musketeers are basically exactly like the musketeer in the game but the difference is now they are three makes the triple damage effects to the enemy.


The card itself is categorized as a rare troop where you can find and unlock them at the arena 7 (Royal Arena). The card itself is a quite expensive card since you need to spend 9 of your elixir if you want to deploy them on a battlefield.

The Triple Shooting

Like mentioned above, the three musketeers are the original musketeer but now being accompanied by 2 more maybe her twins. By being three well you can imagine what damage effect they can create.

The three musketeers create so many damages if you decide to use them on a battlefield. If the card is let marching on to a tower then they will easily crush the tower easily in seconds.

Three Musketeers cloned and destroy a tower

One of the uniqueness of the cards is they can be split into two directions to reach your enemy territory. If you deploy them in the middle of the arena then they will split into two directions make them will create pushing to the two different towers.

To use the card with the rage effect then will create good advantages to rush their attack and creating a very devastating effect on a target.

The three girls though could be a very efficient support to use with a tank since they will be covering each other. And most likely to make the three muskets is saved enough to lock a tower.

But again the 9 elixir cost will be quite a problem.  To use them with a tank, for example, will cost you more than 10 elixir that means you need much time to recharge back the elixir.


The girls with a Giant

And that’s exactly the main weakness of the card. They will be easily countered by cards that cost less elixir cost. The skeleton army that only cost 3 of your elixir will counter them easily that make the positive 6 elixir.

The spell cards also would do good to counter them for the positive elixir trade. To use a rocket to face them will kill the girls right away. The fireball will also hurt the girls make them easier to kill by the next attack.

To use the minion horde and deploy them right into the face of the three musketeers also would make the girls in a very uneasy situation.

The girls are vilnerable to the bones

The most common way though to support the card is to combo them with lumberjack as they could guarantee you a tower down. Not mentioning the rage effect of the lumberjack once he died.

It is best to start deploying the three musketeers from the back of your tower to give you time to recharge the elixirs first after they deployed.

The other fun but effective to use the card is to clone or mirror them to create six of them and double the devastating damage. But calculating the elixir cost then it will be far wiser to clone them.



Although the girls can create a very devastating damage the 9 elixir that they cost will make them a very risky card to use. The time you need to recharge the elixir, of course, will quite long make you are vulnerable to attack if your enemy could counter them at first.

But again, it is my opinion mate. Since here in the Kingdom’s file is discussion platform then you can say everything you want about this particular card.

If you find that the article is not really in line with your thought then it is best to say it here. it will be nice to hear it all.

And of course, the coffee time for me right now, see you later. Cheers!