Good Morning everyone! Today will be fine and hopefully everything will come to you as you wish. Here we are at the end of this month and tomorrow is a brand-new December, which means all of us will cheer together and ready to celebrate Christmas. Alright folks, you are here with me again JohnnyBoy and today I’m gonne be giving you another useful article. In today’s article, we will discuss about the use of a deck consisting one of the most expensive card in Clash Royale. Some of you might underestimate these 3 fabulous ladies because we need only rocket or fireball or lightning to stop them. Every card, every combo will die in rocket or fireball expect tankers. That’s all you need to know. Also, I will give you a trick or tricks of how to play this deck and not getting fireball or rocket.

Not only three musketeers, it seems like you need to spend more elixir for giant skeleton and minion horde. Giant skeleton is another combo which we can use, so we don’t only play three musketeers primarily. This consideration came to my mind because I thought about some readers who comment in our social media. It said that whenever they play three musketeers the enemy will easily beat the counter attack by one rocket or fireball only.

Alright, before we discuss the cards and strategy in depth, let’s take a look first at the deck matchups

Deck matchups


Average elixir cost : 4.6

Play This Deck

As you probably can tell that this deck is insanely expensive. Yet, I tell you what, we play this expensively in order to have more than one combo. So, we will have three musketeers’ combo, which will be played in solo. Another combo is giant skeleton witch, which will be played as number two counter combo. Lastly, we will have Valkyrie minion horde combo.

Besides 5 counter combo cards, we still have skeleton army. This one is for defense. You deploy this card to shut pekka, prince, surrounding sparky, inferno dragon, or any other non-area dealer troops. There’s nothing too significant that this card could give you. Plainly just defender.

Next, we have 2 spells for support certain combo. Rage and arrows which we can use to help three musketeers and witch giant skeleton. We might need to support Valkyrie minion horde by rage spell. We give rage effect on horde Valkyrie when they connect to the tower.

Alright, now let’s talk about each counter combo.

Three musketeers in solo 

As I said that we will play three musketeers in solo counter combo. That means, we should play it since defending. By doing defensive three musketeers, we will have 3 benefits. Firstly, we will know whether or not enemy has rocket or fireball. Secondly, since those 3 ladies shoot very fast, the incoming troops will be reduced its HP drastically. Thirdly, we can continue counter attack with three musketeers if the enemy doesn’t rocket or fireball them.

Nah, what if the enemy has destructive spell such as fireball, rocket, or lightning? Fine, if we play defensive musketeers at early game, and you find the enemy has rocket or fireball then don’t play three musketeers so often after you get rocket from enemy.

There’s probably one thing we can do to prevent one rocket death; deploy them in immediate. What I mean by that is to deploy three musketeers after enemy deploys their card. And make sure that you have full bar elixir. By doing this, the enemy will run out of elixir and they have to wait for couple of seconds to launch rocket and fireball. Meanwhile, we already utilize musketeers in immediate to kill incoming troops.

Do you get what I mean? This talks about elixir trade. If the enemy spends their elixir already for countering troops, then they might not have enough elixir to stop our defensive musketeers.

Besides, we will have 2 more counter combos; Valkyrie horde, and giant skeleton witch. Once the enemy figures you play with three musketeers and they bring rocket, they will specifically use their rocket to counter musketeers. They will keep rocket or fireball or lightning and don’t launch it to counter GS witch and Valkyrie horde. That is because if they launch rocket on one of 2 combos, we will have free musketeers in countering next after.

Oh, not forget to mention that we can complete three musketeers with rage spell. So, if the three musketeers still have at least above half HP and they connect to tower, we rage on them to fasten their shoot speed.


If there’s no princess, muskets will destroy it

Valkyrie Horde

Although this counter is secondary combo, we will get a good result as same as other combo. These 2 cards are considerably defensive cards and so how we play them. We play these defenders to defend the lane first by expecting them to survive and continue counter attack.

Whenever you defending with these and one of them survive, we can continue counter attack by sending the skeleton army once the survivor enters the bridge. This sounds so weak, but you should try this and go figure yourself. Here, we play some kind of spell bait because we have minion horde in defending which will probably force enemy to deploy destructive spells.

If enemy leashes arrows on horde, we still have skeleton army to replace defender position. This spell bait will also let us to have free musketeer which we deploy next after in immediate.

See the pattern yet? If the enemy has destructive spells and they leash that spell to shut the horde or skeleton army, we deploy three musketeers to play in solo action. And this time, they will probably free from spell damage.


After defending, Valkyrie horde continue counter

Witch Giant Skeleton

This is the last counter combo. Both giant skeleton and witch are considerably strong defense cards which have great passive ability. We can use these as primary defense line up. Giant skeleton will play stopper role and witch will keep dealing on incoming troops. We set the GS to be in front of other defense line up because we need him to die first. Then, the after-death effect of GS will explode surrounding enemy. This is the wall that protect our tower. 


GS witch ready to counter

The enemy should shut this defense combo before they get into enemy territory and connect to the tower. Right after our GS dies, we deploy three musketeers to continue counter attack. This is immediate musketeers and this gives enemy hard times. We will have some time for elixir recharge after we deploy giant skeleton and witch. Nah, right after we have full elixir, we wait till GS dies, then deploy three musketeers beside tower. 


This time, we deploy musketeers still behind the tower because we need one support to accompany three muskets in countering. That could be Valkyrie. Depending on you card list.

Now, we play three musketeers differently. Now, we may have greater counter combo with three musketeers Valkyrie.


Three musketeers on Middle

Here is another awesome strategy you could do with three musketeers. See this. Rocket? fireball? lightning? Enemy can’t wait till elixir reaches 6 bars because three musketeers will destroy tower first. There’s still a possible way to succeed three musketeers away from rocket damage. 



What do you think? There’s still possibility that three musketeers get killed by rocket or fireball. But at least, now we have 2 more combos that requires them to do extra work hard. If they keep the rocket or fireball only for musketeers then we will have greater chance on GS or horde.

Leave me your comment and let me know what I miss. Complete me with your brilliant ideas. I hope you enjoy this article and find it useful. See you again soon in another useful article.

Have fun!