Holla clash royale enthusiasts! Beautiful sunny day out there unlike usual rainy day. We are counting down to weekend and I’m getting so fabulous right now. What’s your plan in this weekend? Keep healthy alright so you can celebrate the weekend fabulously, break out from routine for a while and enjoy the thing you wanna do. I’m planning to visit my parents out of town, I’m missing them for sure. Readers, you are my only inspiration to keep writing and working everyday. Although sometimes I get bored, I try to think about the readers and how valuable this writing is for me personally.

Alright folks, I’m JohnnyBoy’s here bringing you another useful article. Today’s deck is the deck that I’m sure you’ve never seen before. This is OP guys to be honest I found this opponent and I couldn’t do anything. The deck consists of some primary cards; three musketeers, graveyard, golem, miner, and princess. See? This is so strong and totally beat my primary sparky deck.

Before we discuss further, let’s see what we have in the deck.

Deck matchups


Average elixir cost : 4.5

Play This Deck

As you can see that we have so many expensive cards and this combination matchups are weird I would say, but this 100% beat anything. If you might be looking for primary deck, just copy this deck, play with this, and get use to it. After I lose the game, I straight to copy this OP deck and play. It might seem so expensive, but if we can fully maximize 2 expensive troops in countering that will succeed the battle. What I mean here is that we should know what you should bring in every countering. Never depl oy the expensive troops if we can’t get significant result.

The key of playing this deck is to separate the use of golem, graveyard, three musketeers. These are the key cards on this deck which we can play by combining it with one more support cards. Or else, that’s okay if we play it solo too.

Here I give you the combo of expensive cards.

Golem miner

This combination is a combo which we can use to open attack and to predict the enemy cards. Having this combo will probably reduce the half HP of the tower. So, before we send the golem, deploy princess or mega minion first to force the enemy deploying cards. Once the enemy counters with some troops, deploy the golem to be the enemy’s target. While the mega minion or princess deals with it. Right after the countering troops die, send the golem on the bridge. It seems like we play this heavy tanker improperly, but this is what we do. Golem is not everything guys, three musketeers is above all troops. So, don’t hesitate to rock the enemy by sending golem on the bridge. Anyway, you don’t aim to destroy the tower by golem and one support at this first attempt.

Right after the golem, send the miner once enemy’s troops and tower get focus on golem. Miner will unstoppably hit the tower. Nah, this is your first counter attempt.

Since we want to play OP, we should focus more on the countering, not defending. It is because if you focus on defending, you’ll probably lose because you’ll never have chance to deploy the expensive cards. Just don’t let the enemy intimidate us.


Survived mega minion and golem destroying the building card first


immediate miner after the golem be enemy’s target. Free hit on miner

Graveyard skeleton army

Another strong combo is graveyard and skeleton army. This time we will have skeleton party on enemy’s lane. So, after you first attempt with golem miner, you can straight to continue attacking with this combo. Let princess and mega minion defend the lane.

This combo is considerably strong because there are hundreds of skeletons enemy’s should diminish. Moreover, the skeleton’s attack comes from in front and behind the tower.


Skeleton party

Solo 3 musketeers on the middle

Nah, remember that the attempt of golem miner and graveyard army are just to break one tower. After you get one tower, you’ll have middle area. This is the time when we will deploy the musketeers. Before deploying, try to wait till the enemy sends any cards, specially above 5 elixir cards (if possible). Right after the enemy sends their cards, deploy three musketeers on the middle spot. Once you reach this stage, you’ll understand how easy it is playing with expensive cards.


immediate three musketeers after sparky’s deployed

The thing that might be our problem is to play the expensive among cheap cards. But here we play differently, all expensive. If they are all expensive, the quality must worth the price, and so you don’t need to worry.

How to counter?

The countering strategy is pretty simple too. If you have cards combination I mentioned above, just deploy it. We don’t need any specific deploying placement or whatsoever, we just need them to be alive and recklessly hit the tower.

Oh, not forget to mention that we actually have rage too. Always deploy rage whenever you have your cards combo connect to the tower. Once you rage, the enemy will probably leave the battle or nothing they can do.


with rage at 0:52


at 0:53

How to defend?

In defending, you’ll have princess, mega minion, and skeleton army. If you could notice, these three cards have specific counter aim. Mega minion for single melee, princess for number troops, and skeleton army for heavy troops like PEKKA, mini pekka, prince, inferno dragon.

If possible, try to always have princess whenever you defending. Just deploy her on safe spot, make her untouchable. She will be in the rearguard position by giving its fire arrows constantly.


On defense line


Alright everyone, overpowered is the only word that can define this deck combo. I would say that playing with this combo requires us to have high mental and courage to always counter and intimidate the enemy. Never let the enemy intimidates you and dominates the game. The battle is yours and you are the only one who have authorities and be game determiner. Get the crown!

If you guys have any comments or suggestion, please kindly participate with us by letting me know your comment and ideas. Hope you enjoy this article and find this useful.

Have fun!