Hi again all my favorite young champs all over the globe, me your maybe favorite uncle is back here and continuing the last three cards that have been revealed. Now it’s time for the last card’s sneak peek that has to be shown to you.


The last card, like the Lumberjack is a legendary card! So, let’s take a look at its appearance at first

By looking at its appearance, basically the legendary Log is a log”. I am not kidding mate. It is really a log, but the difference is it has this kind of spikes attached to the body of the log.

The spikes look sharp anyway. In the battlefield, the Log will roll into everything in front of it, and that’s exactly the main ability of this legendary card.




With rolling through the arena, the log could push, dismiss, or even sweep everything in front of his line. The Log is everything you need to smash the swarm armies as it will roll and grind all the swarm troops like the Skeleton Army or the Goblins.

Its roll will not affect the tank cards like Giant or P.E.K.K.A anyway but the Log will roll through them to grind the troops behind them.



A rolling wood

The range of the Log’s roll is far enough to reach your opponent’s tower and make a little damage to the tower. But don’t think that it can’t destroy the tower, it also can destroy a tower if you deploy it near enough the tower since it also has a decent damage to create a destroying effect. One of its advantages also is since it is a spell card, it won’t be targeted by your enemy’s troops or spell. 

Like its friend in this new update the Bowler, the Log also creates a pushback effect that can push back or hold card, for example, the Barbarians to reach your tower faster. This is effective to use the Log as a defense card.




To use the Log, it is important to notice where you would deploy the card since its roll only rolling in one direction. Since it is not only rolling, when you place it near the river it also can jump through the river and start rolling right into the King’s tower. 

The Log will only cost 2 of your elixir which is quite a low cost for a legendary card and by looking at its unique. Once you are able to get it into your decks, I think it is certainly that the Log will make a certain spot there.  

Okay, guys once it is released you can check the further ability and advantages of the card. The four new cards will be released not too long and stay updated with the news.

Don’t forget to put your thoughts on this new card or the sneak peek on the comment section down below.

Okay, your favorite charming handsome cheerful (okay enough) uncle signing out here, have a blessed day, cheers!