Welcome to the kingdom! This is the very best version of Lumberjack deck Clash Royale. Let’s see what cards that can support Lumberjack deck very well, and also a brief explanation about how to play the deck. Well, this is it, the best Lumberjack deck Clash Royale. 


Hi, I’m JohnnyBoy here, and today I will give my very best recommendation of Lumberjack deck in Clash Royale. I will give you the deck matchups first, and then the brief explanation of how to play the best Lumberjack deck in best way. So, this is the deck. 

The best Lumberjack deck Clash Royale


Average elixir cost : 3.6

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Lumberjack is definitely the fastest card in Clash Royale in terms of speed movement. And in this deck, Lumberjack is the no.1 winning condition. We can use him in any field, attacking and defending.  


Elite Barbarians is the second winning condition in this Lumberjack deck. In most cases, I often use the barbarians to lead the counter push with survived defenders. Both Elite Barbarians will lead the countering, send them on the bridge. 


Valkyrie is the leader of defenders. In most cases, I enclose Valkyrie in every Lumberjack or Elite Barbarians deck in order to give area protection. We can use her to be a damage receiver and defend against ground swarm. You’ll have so much benefit using her, trust me. 


Inferno Dragon is the anti tanker. You’ll defend the lane effectively by not wasting so many elixir just to kill one tanker with high HP. 


Baby Dragon is similar to Valkyrie. The dragon will be a good defender to counter air units. Sometimes, we need to combine Baby Dragon with ground melee, or Inferno Dragon in order to secure the lane, and safe the each other HP. 


Bats are helpers. We can combine Bats with ground melee or one of the dragons in order to give additional damage on specific enemy’s troop. 


Zap is the spell that we use to support bridge spam Lumberjack or Elite Barbarians. Yes, we will play bridge spam as well, and bless the troop with Zap. 


Arrows is similar to Zap. You can use either Zap or Arrows to support bridge spam troops from swarm, especially Skeleton Army or Goblin Gang. 

How to play the best Lumberjack deck in best possible way?

As usual, our victory will depend on how strong we defend the lane. After defending, we counter push with either Lumberjack or Elite Barbarians. 


After defending, counter push with Lumberjack or Elite Barbarians

Another way to get tower HP is to play bridge spam Lumberjack and Elite Barbarians. In every attempt of bridge spam, make sure that you have enough elixir to deploy Zap or Arrows. This is necessary due to swarm ambush. Our bridge spam weak spot is swarm and you need these destructive spells to prevent swarm ambush. 


Prepare the Zap!

It would be better if you play the predictive spells. Yet, predictive spells are vulnerable, you need to get used to do this. If you succeed the predictive spell in bridge spam, the enemy will losing unnecessary elixir and you’ll get elixir profit. 

Need to get used to do this guys! 

Remember, you need to defend the lane effectively and so you’ll be able to have counter push with Lumberjack or Elite Barbarians along with spell support. 

Defend effectively so you won’t waste elixir for Lumberjack

In 2x elixir, you can have more than one defender so you’ll have counter push with many troops. To give the enemy great pressure, you can include Inferno Dragon as one of defenders. Once the dragon survived, it will be a great threat for the enemy. 

Inferno Dragon strengthens the counter push in 2x elixir

Card replacement 


Substitute Arrows with Fireball


There you are, the best Lumberjack deck Clash Royale and the best possible way to play the deck. I wish you the very best luck guys!