Hello there! I’m JohnnyBoy and today I will show you the best and strongest Mega Knight deck with very easy gameplay. In the deck, there’s one vital card that cannot be replaced, Cannon Cart. I’ve been experimenting with this deck for several days and it turns out to be a great deck. Therefore, I decided to write it down for you.


Why is this deck so strong?

This Mega Knight deck is so similar to other Mega Knight deck that I wrote for you in previous articles. We still set the Mega Knight as the primary card and winning condition. Not only that, we send Cannon Cart as well to accompany Mega Knight.


Although the Cart doesn’t have significant damage point, we still can combine it with Mega Knight and utilize its speed movement to deal more shoot on the tower. Meanwhile, Mega Knight will stand in front of it, receiving damage from enemy tower and troops.

Mega Knight Deck


Average elixir cost: 4.0

Play This Deck

Well, we would combine Mega Knight and Cannon Cart in countering. Also, we will support the ground counter with Poison. I recommend you to bring Poison to handle the air defenders of enemy. If we don’t have any air protection, this strong counter would be nothing and very breakable.

There are several cards that we play specifically for defense. They are Inferno Tower, Flying Machine, Ice Spirit. And for the Furnace, we can build the Furnace in order to support the countering line. So, before we send Mega Knight and Cannon Cart, build the Furnace first.

Here, we expect the spirits from Furnace would add more damage on the tower. Or else, to kill swarmy troops both ground and air units.

Trust me, combination of Mega Knight and Furnace is hard and a little bit overwhelming. It is because, enemy would never deploy Minion Horde to counter Mega Knight due to Fire Spirits that follow him. Fire Spirits that come along with Mega Knight will help the Mega Knight in dealing with enemy’s defenders.

What to do in early battle?

In early battle, we can run the Mega Knight and Cannon Cart combo. If you play the Cannon Cart in defending and continue counter push with Mega Knight would be a great move. That’s what I usually do. Bait the enemy to counter first by building the Furnace.

But, if you decide to attack first, you can send the Cannon Cart behind the crown tower. Then, launch Mega Knight on the bridge right in front Cannon Cart. Make sure that Mega Knight deployed in front of Cannon Cart.

While both counter cards are on the way to enemy’s territory, you prepare the Poison. If there are any defenders that block our counter, you put Poison on them. Better if the Poison reaches the tower as well, so we can get extra tower damage.

That’s pretty much basic countering with Mega Knight, Cannon Cart, and Poison. Mega Knight archetype counter is easy friends, we just need to put one or two damage dealers behind his back. And combine the counter with Poison.

Always support countering with Poison

I recommend you to bring Poison because in higher arena, you’ll be most likely to fight with Night Witch. She is one of counter card for Mega Knight and moreover, she summons Bats.

They are big trouble for Mega Knight. However, we don’t need to worry with those Bats if we have a support that can burn all of them so quickly.

How to defend?

In defending, we have Inferno tower as the no.1 defender. Place the Inferno in the middle of your area to deal with tankers such as Lava Hound, Golem, Pekka, Or Mega Knight. Combine the Inferno with Flying Machine and Ice Spirit.

When you defend against ground counter, send the Cannon Cart beside princess tower. Then, if we have Cannon Cart in defense, we can counter push with Mega Knight after defending.

If you don’t defend against tankers, build the Furnace instead. Support it with Zap, Flying Machine, Cannon Cart, and Ice Spirit.


Def with Zap, Ice Spirit, and Cannon

Mega Knight can also be played as defender if you need him to face troops like Pekka or Mega Knight counter. Play Mega Knight as double role agent, not only as a counter troop.

Defend with Poison is a clever move too. You don’t have to force yourself to play Poison in countering only.

In 2x elixir

When you enter double elixir, you still play similar gameplay as in early game. However, we can run bridge spam counter and cycling Poison.

As bridge spam, deploy solo Flying Machine on the bridge. Otherwise, solo Cannon Cart or Mega Knight on the bridge. Send one troops only to do bridge spam in sequence.

Poison in 2x elixir plays significant role. If the tower eventually remains low HP in late game, we don’t need to make a hard push. But that does not mean you shouldn’t counter hard.


Bridge spam with cycling Poison

Always have one necessary building card, Furnace or Inferno Tower. I suggest you to counter more in 2x elixir and so you build the Furnace instead of Inferno.

Card Replacement


Substitute Flying Machine with Musketeer


Substitute Ice Spirit with Bats


In my opinion, this deck is very easy, yet, mighty in both counter and defense. Synergies? Of course, it is. So many people might have Mega Knight and Cannon Cart already but never combine them together. Today, I gave you how to combine both of them and you should really try this by your own.

Alright, let me know what you guys think about this deck. Have you ever combined Mega Knight Cannon Cart as one counter combo? Bet you haven’t see such this matchups before. But if you play or played with it, tell me what’s your view on my recommendation.

See you soon in another article guide and have fun!