Strongest Elite Barbarians deck Clash Royale is here! Combine Elite Barbarians with Lumberjack legendary card as bridge spam counter troops. There’re more guides, let’s see what cards that are perfectly support the best Elite Barbarians deck in countering. Let’s learn how to play the deck in short explanation.


Hey there, I’m JohnnyBoy and today we will take a look at the strongest Elite Barbarians deck in Clash Royale. In this article I will give you brief explanation of how to play the deck in general and of course the deck matchups. Here’s the deck matchups.

Strongest Elite Barbarians deck Clash Royale


Average elixir cost : 3.8

Play This Deck

As you can see, we kind of playing bridge spam archetype here. However, it’s not simple as that and I have stronger recommendation strategy for countering.


Elite Barbarians is of course the primary card in this deck, as it’s titled, strongest Elite Barbarians deck. In most of countering, we will deploy Elite Barbarians as counter push with the survived defenders. Otherwise, we play Elite Barbarians as bridge spam troops.


Lumberjack is secondary attacker after Elite Barbarians. We can use him to join counter push with survived defenders by deploying him on the bridge. Otherwise, we can play Lumberjack as bridge spam troop.


Valkyrie is the ground defender who we use to be damage receiver and counter card for ground troops such as Witch or Wizard.


Baby Dragon is air defender which has pretty similar duty like Valkyrie. We can defend against Minions or Horde with Baby Dragon.


Inferno Dragon is the tanker killer. Whenever you defend against Giant or Golem or Lava Hound, you can send Inferno Dragon, it’s so effective in terms of elixir spending.


Bats is helper card. Despite its cheap elixir cost, you can help defender (Valkyrie, Baby Dragon, or Inferno Dragon) with Bats.


Fireball is the destructive spell which we use to harm enemy’s defenders when they are near the tower. We will get extra tower damage plus reducing troops’ HP without having bother to send any troops.


Zap is the spell which we use to support bridge spam troops. So, whenever you play bridge spam Lumberjack or Elite Barbarians, prepare the Zap. You know, bridge spam troops are vulnerable against swarms.

How to play the Strongest Elite Barbarians deck?

Our victory depends on how strong the defense and counter push. A good counter push shall root on how you defend, so I can recommend you to have more than one troop in defending. Therefore, you’ll have many troops in counter push.

Lumberjack leads the survived defenders

Remember, our counter push troops will be Lumberjack and Elite Barbarians. So, deploy one of two cards on the bridge leading the survived defenders.

Besides counter push archetype, we can play bridge spam troops utilizing Elite Barbarians and Lumberjack fast movement. In every bridge spam, make sure that you prepare either Fireball or Zap.

Prepare Fireball or Zap to support bridge spam

It will be better if you play spell prediction, but for those who won’t do spell prediction, that’s fine. You can leash the spell once the enemy’s defender shows up.

In 2x elixir, you can always support any countering with Fireball. Aim the Fireball on the enemy’s defenders and tower too. So, whenever they continue attacking, that reduced HP defenders won’t be issue.


Fireball reduces enemy’s defenders HP, so they won’t be big issues

Card replacement

the log-card-clash-royale-kingdom

Substitute Zap with the Log


That’s it for the brief explanation of how to play the strongest Elite Barbarians deck Clash Royale. Once again, don’t play the spell prediction if you are not get used to do it. It needs some time to be well played doing prediction. I wish you the very best victory, Good luck!