A New Way to Succeed Giant Skeleton’s Bomb Delivery  – Giant Skeleton Graveyard

Good morning Clash Royale enthusiasts! Today is the second day of this week and that means we have another chance to fix yesterday’s mistake. Tuesday is time to improve and be better than Monday. Wonderful sunny day out there and I’m sitting here together with all Kingdom’s crew ready to give you another inspiration. Hopefully, we can always serve you the best. Welcome back again with me JohnnyBoy and today I’m so ready to rock you.

In today’s article, we are gonna talk about the use of a deck consisting strong troops. The main focus here is on giant skeleton and graveyard. However, we still have other strong troops which are quite expensive, I would say. After last night, I tried to change a bit my secondary deck. Playing with giant skeleton and graveyard gets me challenged to look for the best support cards. It turns out that these strong troops can attract the enemy’s attention, make them deploy defensive cards just to be killed by lightning.

We also have rider, witchcraft, and many others. I guess this article will be interesting. But, before we talk about the strategy in depth, let me show you what we have in the deck matchups.

Deck matchups


Average elixir cost : 5.4

Play This Deck

As you can tell that this is expensive deck. Beside giant skeleton and graveyard, we have elite barbarians. Nah, these elite barbarians function to give an aftershock counter after a great massacre with prince or giant skeleton. Oh, before we go any further, the main counter troops are the giant skeleton and prince. Those primary troops will be guarded by the power of witchcraft and graveyard spell to complete the giant skeleton.

We will combine the bomb carrier with the graveyard spell. It seems like graveyard can pretty much support the giant skeleton due to its hundreds summoned skeletons. Whenever we play with the giant skeleton, we need distraction card to be the enemy’s target. No matter how we should work hard to succeed the GS to connect to the tower or at least to die near the tower. So, the bomb explosion is still in tower’s radius.

By the presence of graveyard, we can make it folks. The tower will target one of them and either giant skeleton or graveyard which free from tower’s target will approach the tower, connect, and hit. That will be good if the graveyard be the tower target because we need the GS to have enough HP. We need it him to survive at least until the tower and drop the bomb near it. However, if the tower targets on the GS, that’s okay too because the graveyard will pile up and stab the tower brutally.

Playing with GS Graveyard combo gives the enemy 2 bad options. In one hand, the enemy should shut the giant skeleton far from the tower. If they can’t distract this bomb carriers, he will approach the tower and that’s a nightmare. On the other hand, we have graveyard which can’t be let free. The enemy will be so hard to counter this and they should separate their defense card. Meaning, those defensive card can’t stand near one another in order to distract the GS.


Which one to counter first

Not only that, we still have witchcraft power which will support the GS action. Here, we can send the witch to be in rearguard position. We can actually match the giant skeleton with wizard but it’s up to you. I, personally send wizard to cover the prince.


witchcraft as rearguards

So far, we don’t play the lightning spell yet, we keep it in early game.

How to counter?

From this deck, there are a lot of countering options we can run to win the battle. One of them is Giant skeleton and graveyard combo. I told you already about the general point and what to achieve. Now let’s talk about the deployment orders.

When you go countering with giant skeleton and graveyard, deploy the giant skeleton first two tiles before the bridge. By doing so, you will be enabled to have enough elixir to launch the graveyard, which is the next card we launch. Alright, so after the giant skeleton enter the bridge, the enemy will immediately deploy their defense card. Nah, once they deploy one or two defense cards, deploy the graveyard on the tower.

While the enemy is busy with the giant skeleton, graveyard will probably free from tower and troops target. If yes, that means we succeed to run the combo and tower HP will be reduced significantly.


Another countering strategy is to counter with prince and wizard. This might be cheaper than graveyard GS, but this is no worse than previous combo. The enemy should stop the prince, especially to fail the charge. Actually, we are doing the card bait. Meaning, we deploy wizard and prince to attack, of course, but at the same time we force the enemy to deploy their best defense card to counter this. Once their defense card deployed, that means, we have bigger chance to succeed the giant skeleton graveyard combo.


prince rules: split damage to force enemy deploys cards on the other lane first

As I told you earlier that we will send the elite barbarians as aftershock damage. After we run the prince and wizard combo, we go defensively first with minion horde or witch. Afterwards, we deploy the elites on the bridge to shock the enemy. This time, the aftershock will probably succeed because enemy’s defensive cards are spent already to counter prince and wizard.


How to defense

Remember that we still have 2 cards remain; minion horde and lightning. These two cards are our best defense cards. Minion horde can counter and shut anything quickly. Besides, we still have lightning which we can use to destroy troops like elite barbarians, three musketeers. At least, the lightning can reduce their HP significantly and will let them to hit one or three hits on the tower.

Lightning is one of great destructive spell. So, we can flexibly use it anywhere anytime. Deploy the lightning to finish of the tower or two support the Giant skeleton action might be good too.


finish off the tower with lightning be like OH

Oh ya, giant skeleton is a troop with great death effect. So, we can deploy it to defend from massive attack too. This bomb carrier is like the wall that stop the incoming troops. Every enemy, except the building targeting card should destroy the wall first before they can approach the tower. Once he dies, the bomb death effect will execute those incoming troops.




Alright folks, there you have it, the giant skeleton and graveyard in combo. As its initial name, GG, so that’s what you gonna be. This time, we don’t only complete the giant skeleton with regular support, we pick the strong troops to help the bomb carriers. Giant skeleton has a lot of function and we can play some strategies to win the battle. Troops with death effect, none of his calibre. Bomb explosion after its death will bring us a lot of beneficial. It’s time to go rough folks.

What do you think about this article? Let me know if you have any comment or suggestion in the comment section below. I shall continue writing another article folks, Bye.

See you on battlefield!