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Yup, Clash Royale Kingdom back again here. Newest news is on the table right now. We knew this morning that Supercell has revealed some teaser for the upcoming updates that will come.

From the royale news on our screen we know that the game has answered some of the players’ question in the Reddit AMA, and from the questions, they revealed 7 little things of the next update.

And here are some of the spoiler details that we got…

The new updates will come sooner, it’s on the early October!

In the new updates, the game teases us that there will be new game mode and quests.

From the answers, also we knew that there will a new card to be released soon! This is exciting since the card will be released soon in September but mostly in the end of the month. Don’t worry, it is all worth to wait.

We haven’t known so far what kind of card it will be but Supercell has teased us that they somehow working on something more into the idea of ghost again!

The other is there will be no plans for unranked 1v1, they plan to the 2v2 to have a nice break, and there will be more casual alternatives to the ranked 1v1.

But again, they’ve promised that there is a new game mode soon that is different from the other game modes before and they tease us that it is their new favorite 2v2 mode in the game team!

Man, this got to be fascinating!

Oh and this is one of the most exciting spoilers of the new updates, there will be a new arena! Yes, a new arena.

They also teased that the intro screen will change and it could possibly make it in the new update.

The last of the spoilers are there will also be a new podcast series that how the Clash Royale team was  working the game out in the background. But this time the podcast will more concentrate on the updates.

From what we knew so far, the upcoming updates sure will be exciting once more with the mainly new card and arena theme.

It is all worth to wait. So, make sure you guys to stay tuned on Clash Royale Kingdom for the next updates.

And again, don’t forget to put your opinion on this spoiler news, everything in the comment section.

Good afternoon again, Cheers!