Attention people! Greetings, the Kingdom back to inform you about some importance that needs your attention. Please pay it carefully!


A good clash royale players know when to spend and when to save elixir. Are you a good player? Well, I was wrong, I mean the best players. When you know everything there is to know about spending elixir and saving elixir, I guarantee you’ll always almost win in every battle. You’ll only lose when your opponent is one of the best, too! In spending elixir!

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Relax! Don’t Worry, and Your Tower Can’t be One Shotted

Some players, sometimes always got panicked whenever they see a force or two coming in the way. They tend to deploy anything they have to conquer them right away. Well, you can use your brain first if it is a right thing to do to kill them before it reaches your base. Or! you can wait until they close enough so your tower can help do damage and together wiping them all. Keep in mind that your tower it’s not your girlfriend/boyfriend which you don’t want to have her touched. Let them touched her and kill them after.

Try to Trade Elixir Lesser than the Enemy Cost

This one is worth explaining and reading. Please, champs! You might want to try to guess how much the cost of the troops who are coming your way. If you see a giant with musketeers behind then, it costs 9 you can try to defend your tower with only 3 elixirs with a skeleton army. Deploy it behind the giant to kill the musketeer first and let it go to the giant after. Anyway, it’s easy to say but rather hard to do. The point is! You can always spend your elixir wisely, even one elixir different can put you on the winning side.


Only Fools Rush in! In Winning Situation

Some players will sometimes constantly keep pushing when they already lead the game. It might succeed, but it might be the end of them self. While it can get a three crown win, it can also give a three crown lose. Stay low and manage your elixir to have it recharged. And then! You can deliver your all-out attack again. Always think your opponent has some capability to counter attack you with a card or a combo they keep to the last minute. Some great players let the opponent win a tower and come out swinging to get three crowns. They say they comfortable when they backs are up against the wall.

Stay Positive/React Wisely

A good management of elixir is the key to win every battle. Try to never overspend your elixir in under any circumstances. Never think that you’re losing a battle you face, optimism can be a positive way to get to help you. While you’re on the losing side you try to save your elixir, just make sure the enemy troops can’t defeat you but let them hit your crown. You can use the crown as your shield. So, you can send them the taste of their own medicine, the taste of losing.

The thought goes the same when you have the lead in the match. You can act wisely, never let your hunger of three crowns get the better of you. A win is a win no matter how small, guys.

That’s all from me guys! If you have some interesting idea to add you can share here with us! Questions, too. Just fill in the comment down below! Thanks, verd peace out!