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That’s a good introducing to an article. I know it. Okay back with me your unlikeable uncle and we are continuing the Kingdom’s file and today we will talk more about a card, maybe your favourite card and they are called Spear Goblins. So, let’s start



The Spear Goblins card can be unlocked from the very first of the arena which is their own house, Goblin Stadium. The Spear Goblins is categorized as common card consisted of three little green wicked face man. Yea, they have wicked faces.

They are three single targets with low hitpoints but don’t worry with their spear in their hand, they can be a very useful low elixir cost card in a battle. Usually, they will wear blue or red bandana makes them look like a true warrior. 

They are basically the family of Goblins but a little bit different, maybe the naughty one. That’s just my opinion, though. 

Throw the Spears

Different from their other goblin brothers, the Spear Goblins is a ranged attacking troop. Like what they are called, they will use the Spear in their hand to attack your enemy’s troops.


Spearing the towers 

What is loveable about the Spear Goblins is not like their brothers, the Spear Goblins can launch their attack both to the ground-based troops as well as the air-based troops.

Usually, their brothers will only kill the ground troops but the Spear Goblins can attack and also dismiss the air troops. So, don’t be shocked if they can kill for example the Baby Dragon.


The spear goblins make the baby dragon in an uneasy situation 

In a strategy when you need to sacrifice a card to distract your enemy’s troops for example then the spear goblins would be the most effective one to use.

As they only spend 2 of your elixirs they have so many abilities to use as a distraction and creating a damage first before being dismissed.

One of the most advantages of using this card is the spear goblin is a very fast troop. They can run quickly run into your enemy’s towers if they have no obstacles in their way.

This makes the troops is one of the exciting cards to use at the last minute when the double elixir happen, as they can quickly reach the towers and attack them.

Especially, after you use a huge elixir amount cards like with and baby dragon in the last minute then to use the spear goblins with only waiting for 2 elixirs to refill; you can combine them and make a devastating cards combination with can guarantee you a tower down.


Combining the Spear Goblins with huge amount elixir cards at the last minute 

Not mentioning also that if you use the mirror/clone to mirror/clone them at the last minute then you can imagine how they can creating such impact to beat the towers and your enemies.


A devastating impact with the mirrored dragons combination 


Maybe the spear goblins are not one of the most popular cards in the game, but for me, they are one of my favourites to put on my deck.

With only cost you 2 elixir with all their capabilities and flexibility in the arena I think you guys should give them a try more.

That’s all from me to share, of course, you can add your thoughts or criticize this article down below in the comment section

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