Calling all beginners! Today is for the easy gameplay spawner deck for beginners and all of you who just started to play Clash Royale!


Spawner is one of the strategies that most commonly used by some players. So, to master it for a beginner is an important thing to know.

You are back with the wasted uncle here, put your seatbelt on, and let’s check the deck



spawner deck arena 4-deck

Average Elixir Cost: 4.6

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goblin hutbarbarian hut card-clash-royale-kingdom

Goblin Hut and the Barbarian Hut will be the main cards of this spawner deck. They will the main building cards that will spawn the troops that later will march on the enemy’s territory.

The Goblin Hut will be the one to summon the Spear Goblins that soon could cover the air while Barbarian Hut will be the one to summon the Barbarians in couples to cover the ground fighting.



The same with the Barbarians that produce by their hut, the Barbarian here has a role to fulfil the arena with all the troops.

Later to make the “swarm Barbarians”. I don’t know if that sound cool, sorry. Of course, these many Barbarians will be the one to make your enemy busy thinking to counter them.


musketeer-card-clash-royale-kingdomMinion-Horde-Card-Clash-Royale-Kingdomballoon-building targeting card clash royale

These three cards will be the main supports to the pushing that will be created by the main spawner cards. Musketeer will be the one to put behind the barbars as well as countering the air troops.

The same as Musketeer, Minions will be the other cards to support the air. On the other hand, they can also counter the ground troops as they are quite effective as the air swarm army.

And we got the dangerous Balloon here! The Balloon will be the main card to put to finish your enemy’s tower. But it will be our last strategy to deploy.



Arrows as always will be the one to defend our tower from the marching on enemy’s troops. As usual, it will be used to clear all the swarm army and all the cheap cards.


building targeting card clash royale-giant

We don’t really depend on a tank card in this deck, but he will be much useful according to what strategy you enemy will use later.

He then, of course, could be very effective to distract all of the dangerous enemy’s troops. So yeah, he is included.


Early Minute

In the early game, to build our main spawner building cards is the first thing that we would do. Deploy the Goblin Hut just behind your queen tower. The card will be quiet costly, so it is better to wait until the elixir full first.

Once you deploy the Goblin Hut, then wait for the elixirs recharge and deploy the Barbarian Hut also just next to the tower. Your elixir will be reduced up to 7 elixirs, but remain calm. Just let them walk.

The moment the first couple of Barbarians cross the bridge, then your elixir will be recharged and it’s the time to deploy the four Barbarians and fulfil the arena with all the Barbars. Well, you have to remember the splash damage troops of your enemy as our swarm Barbarian army would be not effective to face the counter.


Where the main spawner cards deployed 

Don’t forget that the other couple will be following behind them. Makes the possibility of 8 Barbarians stand in the arena. Of course, this would overwhelm your enemy.

We are not mentioning that the green creature with spears is also fulfilled the arena aside of them. Once the arena is fulfilled, then it is the time to deploy the supporting cards.

Musketeer will be the once to deploy right behind the pushing to create the damage. She will be also the one to counter the air troops that possibly deploy by the opponent.

We got the Balloon, but you have to see what the enemy’s reaction first. If they counter our attack with air troops then to use minions first will be effective.

But on the other hand, if they are not then to summon the Balloon will be great. And this could make it has a clear way that, of course, would guarantee you a tower down.


A tower down finished by the last attack of Balloon


Last Minute – Sudden Death

By using this deck, we would aim to finish at least a tower. That is why at the last minute it would be the defending time.

Spawner is a great strategy especially for defending. We would use the same approaching, to keep using the huts to deploy the Barbarians and Spear Goblins to defend as long as possible.

The other cards like Musketeer, Minions and of course the Giant would do good to use to defend. The Giant here could be useful to waste the enemy’s troops to attack him first as we know that he has very high hitpoints that make him hard to dismiss.


Defending time!


This deck is operating to at least kill a tower down at first and then to defend after that. Well, it is still possible of course to kill the other tower but a spawner deck won’t be so effective to do that.

Okay mate, what do you think? If you guys have something more to add then, of course, you can discuss it here.

Feel free to use the comment section down below to share it all. It would be great to hear all of your opinions.

Time for me to enjoy some cookies have a great day, cheers!